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The camera pans over to rustling leaves and the school. The students form a huge line from outside.
Female narrator: Fall at Ever After High, and time for the cooking class's big fall bake sale!
Madeline Hatter: Treats and sweets! Step right up! All for a free cause!
The students immediately crowd around the stall and swipe all the gingerbread from the display.

We're running out of gingerbread houses, but not running out of customers... [Backs away slowly.]

Ginger is taking treats out of the oven. She gets a whiff of her treats.
Ginger Breadhouse: Mmm!
Apple White: [Enters with Raven.] Isn't it perfect? I could watch cooking class all day. Clean, so efficient, [Gasp.] the perfect picture! [She takes out her MirrorPad.]
Madeline Hatter: [Runs past.] We really need more—[Trips and falls into a sack of flour.]
Raven Queen: Perfectly imperfect! [Snaps a picture of Maddie in the flour sack.] That's more like it.
Apple White: [She angrily snatches her MirrorPad back.] This is for the yearbook! People would remember us like... this! [Shows a horrified Maddie on her MirrorPad screen.]
Raven Queen: [Sarcastically.] Yeah, interesting.
Madeline Hatter: [Light sneezing.] The bake sale - they need more gingerbread upstairs. Like, now!
Cedar Wood: But, we only have one left!
Raven Queen: I have an idea; a duplication spell!
Apple White: How can we help without using Raven's magic? Uh, nothing personal, it's just not, you know, um—
Madeline Hatter: ...Ah, safe.
Raven Queen: Hey, I got this! [Folds her arms in confidence.]
The girls exchange worried glances.

Raven gives her friends a thumb's up, but they're hiding behind a large object. Once Raven signals that she's commencing her spell, they flinch. Raven then begins by firing a purple flame ball.
Raven Queen: Wha—[Her flame ball loses control and flies out of her hand, bouncing off Ginger's equipment.]
The girls flinch and Raven lets out a gasp as soon as tiny gingerbread men start destroying the Cooking Class bakery.

Um, I do not got this.

The gingerbread men continues trashing the place.
Ginger Breadhouse: [Appalled gasping, followed with a loud whistle.] We cannot have disorder in the kitchen! [Sternly.] If you are here, you are here to help!
The gingerbread men give Ginger a salute.

The gingerbread men start working in the bakery, helping the girls process the gingerbread.
Apple White: [Snaps a picture of the working animate gingerbread men.] Hmm! [Admires the snaps in admiration. Raven rolls her eyes.]

The students are stirring up a frenzy.
Students: [Chanting.] Gingerbread! Gingerbread! [Cheering.]
Male narrator: It was the most successful fundraiser ever after...
Female narrator: ...but only the beginning of Raven and Apple's...disagreements over the year book.

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