Raven sends Maddie’s cooking class into total chaos after her spell to save the bake sale goes awry.


It's fall at Ever After High, and the students are having their bake sale, run by Madeline, Ginger, Holly, and Cedar. However, since the line is so packed with students, Maddie announces that she's low on gingerbread. Raven and Apple come to record the girls' progress in the cooking class for the yearbook. For the yearbook, Apple plans on taking sensible and progressive pictures. Raven on the other hand, takes wacky ones, which Apple considers foolish and embarrassing.

Alarmed by the sudden decrease of gingerbread, Raven suggests her assistance to magically duplicate them a new supply of gingerbread houses. Raven's spell backfires and she accidentally turns the gingerbread into animate gingerbread men, which begin to fight each other and mess the bakery up. Due to Ginger's retorting, she catches the gingerbread men's attention. Instead of destroying the workshop any further, the gingerbread men have reached a compromise and decide on manufacturing the gingerbread to distribute to all of the students. They work at a quick pace and all is well.

Abruptly, a new problem arises: Apple and Raven are fighting over which picture to use for the yearbook.


  1. Humphrey Dumpty
  2. Hunter Huntsman
  3. Cerise Hood
  4. Dexter Charming
  5. Daring Charming
  6. Sparrow Hood
  7. Helga Crumb
  8. Gus Crumb
  9. Madeline Hatter
  10. Ginger Breadhouse
  11. Cedar Wood
  12. Holly O'Hair
  13. Raven Queen
  14. Apple White
  15. Blondie Lockes
  16. C.A. Cupid



  • This webisode (along with other unreleased webisodes which complete the yearbook arc,) aired on the Canadian TV channel YTV prior to their release on YouTube.