Storybook Match is a grid-clearing game relating to students' destinies. It was released on the Ever After High website in July 2015, succeeding Fabulous Fashions and preceding Wonderland Adventure.


In the game, the player must clear grids on each stage using the icons which fall from the top of the screen once there is a match. The icons with a white outline around them are the musts of clearing games. Matching character icons is crucial as well as there is a meter near each of the characters. The character whose meter gets filled up first wins the match and the story progresses their way. There are also certain goals which the player must achieve in the games played once the game progresses and the story in each chapter moves along. New matches are also unlockable. As well, there is a "Create Your Own" option which applies to everyone, but there are a limited range of characters if that is the starting point. Playing through the game and passing the level unlocks new playable characters for the "Create Your Own" stage.

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