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As it is springtime at Ever After, it is nearly time for the Spring Fairest. Lizzie Hearts walks around the forest looking for inspiration for her new dresses themed to the fair.
Male narrator: Springtime at Ever After High―
Female narrator: ―and Lizzie Hearts was looking for inspiration.
Brooke Page: Ooh, is that the map book her mother, the Queen of Hearts, gave her? Is she gonna find the―
Male narrator: Brooke! No spoilers - narrators never give away the story.
Female narrator: Listen to your father! Lizzie found the Well of Wonder...
Male narrator: ...The source of all magic and inspiration at Ever After.
Brooke Page: Is that the same well Briar threw the Storybook of Legends into? [Gasp.] Are we going to Wonderland?
Female narrator: What did we just say?
Brooke Page: That's not a spoiler, that was a recap!
Male narrator: She's right! When Briar found the true Storybook of Legends, she threw it down the Well of Wonder so she wouldn't have to sign it.
Female narrator: ...So she could write her own destiny, and not follow in her fairytale parent's footsteps.
Male narrator: Little did she know, that the book would end up in...
Brooke Page: Wonderland!
Male narrator: Yes. Wonderland.
Brooke Page: Oh. My. Fairygodmother!! I can't believe we're actually here!
Inside the palace, several guards stand around Alistair and Bunny as they've been captured by the Queen.
Female narrator: And the palace of the Queen of Hearts, separated from Ever After by an evil curse. That is Alistair Wonderland; son of Alice from Wonderland.
Male narrator: And, Bunny Blanc; daughter of the White Rabbit.
Queen of Hearts: The baby bird flies; the snake, it slithers. But the cage holds both, to die...and to wither.
Alistair Wonderland: What?
Queen of Hearts: [She runs towards them.] This is your LAST warning! Next time my guards catch you "exploring", it's...OFF WITH YOUR HEADS! [Echoing.]―[A snack table comes rolling in and the Queen claps in delight.] Ooh, afternoon tea? Would that be one lump, or two?

Female narrator: Now, isn't it time we check in on the school?
Male narrator: Oh, yes! That day, Ever After High was holding a festival worthy of Wonderland.
Everyone is decorating the trees with black and white ribbons.
Three billy goats gruff: [Happy bleating.]
Raven is braiding a portion of the ribbons.
Raven Queen: This has got to be my favorite part of Spring Fairest: tree-fitti! Decorating the trees.
Apple White: Black and white to represent winter.
Madeline Hatter: [Madeline appears.] And, a dash of floral color to show that spring has sprung!
Dexter and Humphrey are working as Blondie's cameramen.
Dexter Charming: And rolling!
Blondie Lockes: Welcome, friends, to the Spring Fairest! Where you―
Ginger Breadhouse: Oh. Blondie! Blondie! [Ginger runs over to Blondie with cooking utensils in hand.]
Blondie Lockes: Ginger.
Ginger Breadhouse: Make sure to tell everyone about the Chef Showdown! So exciting!
Blondie Lockes: That's right, fairytale friends! Lots to see and do at the fair! [She makes a gesture as the camera pans to her left.]
Students [Cheering.]
Female narrator: Can't have a fair without dragon corn.
Milton and Giles are both playing a game together at a booth and Milton wins. Milton laughs in victory and playfully shoves his prize in his brother's face.
Male narrator: Look, a friendly competition between the headmasters of Ever After: the Brothers Grimm.
Meanwhile, several girls speculate Daring as he scores perfect in a game.
Daring Charming: Haha, your turn, Hopper.
Hopper Croakington II: [Hopper is handed the mallet.] Thanks Daring! [He slumps down as the game mallet is heavy.] Whoa. [Hopper grunts in confidence, however is distracted as Briar walks past and turns into a frog.] Ah! Blast.
Sparrow Hood: [Singing.] You are the worst jock ever after, yeah, Melody rhymes with smellody! [Melody angrily dunks Sparrow in.]
Ashlynn is picking the petals off a flower.
Ashlynn Ella: Hunter loves me...uh, he loves me not. [She gasps as a flower necklace is being shot next to her with a heart-shaped arrow.] Oh, Hunter.
Several students are playing a flying swing.
Students [Cheering.]
Kitty Cheshire: [Chuckling as she tosses an ice cream behind her, hitting Duchess.]
Duchess Swan: Ugh! What did you do that for?!
Kitty Cheshire: Duh! Daughter of the Cheshire Cat! [She tosses another one.]
Duchess Swan: Ohh!
Kitty Cheshire: [Chuckling.] Mom would love this. [She takes out her phone.] I gotta brag. [She broadcasts herself to her mother with Cheshire magic.] Hi, Mom. Did I wake you up?
Cheshire Cat: [Yawning.] It was just a catnap, Kitty. My darling, how are things? Any good pranks to share with Mommy?
Kitty Cheshire: Yes! I learned from the best! I threw ice cream in Duchess's face! [She points to her picture on her phone.]
Cheshire Cat: Slapstick, really? Preschool pranks! Call me back when you've done something... outlandish. [Kitty slightly pouts as she says that.] Something that turns the world topsy turvy! Something... wonderlanderful...
Kitty Cheshire: But, mom! I-I!
Cheshire Cat: Yes?
Kitty Cheshire: I'll do better.
Cheshire Cat: You're a Cheshire - of course you will! Bye. [Kitty's broadcast disappears and she continues napping.]

Outside Card Castle, Alistair is stone-skipping.
Alistair Wonderland: The curse on Wonderland has made the Queen of Hearts afraid.
Bunny Blanc: I know, Alistair.
Alistair Wonderland: Afraid that if anything happens to upset the balance, [Gestures to it.] that green encircling chaos and destroy Wonderland. One day, I'll help solve the riddle and lift the curse. [As Alistair prepares to pick up another stone, he finds a book underwater.] Whoa! What is that?
Bunny Blanc: I don't believe it. [Alistair reaches underwater and gets it.]
Alistair Wonderland: It's the Storybook of Legends. Hey, if the book is in our world, then that means...there's a portal that isn't sealed anymore! [Alistair nods to Bunny and she turns into a rabbit. He follows her.]
Brooke Page: Okay, what is that gross green smoke?
Female narrator: The curse of the Evil Queen. If she had finished her spell, that evil would have closed in, devastating everything.
Male narrator: Which is why the Grimm Brothers magically severed every path between the worlds.
Female narrator: But they forgot one...
Male narrator: The Well of Wonder. [Back in the forest, Lizzie uses her hand and splashes around the Wonderland water.] And this allowed critical trickle of creativity to flow through the well; to Ever After from Wonderland. [She gets an idea and colors in dress plans.]
Brooke Page: Oh, is this where Lizzie gets the ideas for the dresses?
Male narrator: Brooke! What did we say about getting ahead of the story?
Brooke Page: Fine.

Alistair Wonderland: Now this is a riddle, and it's begging to be solved. [Alistair helps Bunny up the well.]
Bunny Blanc: You say that about everything. [Alistair and Bunny both jump in the well together.]
Alistair and Bunny: Whoa!
Alistair Wonderland: Watch out.
Bunny Blanc: Whoa, I've never been under Wonderland before. [Both of them look below them.]

Female narrator: Meanwhile, back at Ever After...
Lizzie is in her dorm sewing up the final dresses. Her friends all are impressed with her work.
Brooke Page: See? I knew it! This is when Lizzie sewed the Spring Fairest dresses! Ugh, so pretty!
Blondie Lockes: It looks like some students went all out for this year's Spring Fairest! [Students scream and cheer for the five girls.]
Holly O'Hair: [Gasps and points.] Look! We're on the jumbo mirror!
Blondie Lockes: You are all just spellbinding! Lizzie, can you tell us what inspired this spring fashion fling?
Lizzie Hearts: Since we don't have Spring Fairest in Wonderland, I embraced this lovely holiday through my fashion designs.
Cedar Wood: [Runs up to Lizzie.] And these look amazing! No lie!
Cerise Hood: I don't normally change my look, but this is big, bad, and bold!
Blondie Lockes: And, take it from this reporter, the Fairest Five make this fair just right! [The five of them pose and people cheer for them.]

Alistair and Bunny are wandering further and further down the well, with the Cheshire Cat tailing them from behind. She appears.
Cheshire Cat: Stories you seek, that are not your own...lest be found down here, all alone.
Bunny Blanc: Oh! Hey, Kitty's mom! ...'sup?
Cheshire Cat: The real riddle is not what's up. It's what you're doing [She appears between them.] down here.
Alistair Wonderland: We found the missing Storybook of Legends and are trying to return it to Ever After.
Cheshire Cat: Curiouser and curiouser... To get to Ever After, follow the flow of wonder. Two lefts, three rights, four lefts, five rights, and so on until you are there. Good luck... [She disappears.]
Alistair and Bunny: Wait! What?

In the Wonderland library, the Cheshire Cat finds a topsy-turvy riddle book.
Cheshire Cat: Mmm, topsy-turvy. [Opens the riddle book.] This will give my little kitty a lesson on how to create some real chaos. [Cackling.]
Brooke Page: Is that who I think it is?
Male narrator: Yes, the White Knight, in the Wonderland Library.
Female narrator: More on this later in our tale.

The Cheshire Cat disappears.

Madeline, Raven and Apple are having a drink together. Ginger sits next to Maddie.
Ginger Breadhouse: Hey, girls! I was hoping you could help me out.
Madeline Hatter: [She shudders as she gets a brainfreeze.]
Raven Queen: Sure Ginger, what do you need?
Ginger Breadhouse: It's the Chef Showdown this afternoon.
Apple White: You have nothing to worry about, everyone knows you are the best cook around. You're going to win!
Ginger Breadhouse: [Chuckling.] Well, I don't care about winning. I just wanna bring something to the table that has never been tasted before! But I'm missing one ingredient: [She holds a finger out.] Wonderland water. Ooh, since the world's been quarantined, I didn't know how to find any.
Madeline Hatter: Well, all you have to do is go to the Well of Wonder!
Ginger Breadhouse: I knew I came to the right people! Do you know where it is?
Madeline Hatter: Uh huh, uh huh, But Lizzie Hearts has a map. Come on!

Ginger, Lizzie and Maddie all enter Lizzie's dorm room for the map book.
Ginger Breadhouse: So, why do you need a map just to tell you where the Well of Wonder is?
Lizzie and Madeline: [Laughing.]
Ginger Breadhouse: What's so funny?
Madeline Hatter: The well is connected to Wonderland, so it's, you know, kinda...
Ginger Breadhouse: Oh! Mad.
Lizzie Hearts: [Lizzie retrieves her book from her closet.] We prefer the term "wondrous".
Madeline Hatter: The well's never in the same place for more than a few minutes!
Lizzie Hearts: Let's see...oh, there it is. That's where you'll find the Well of Wonder next.
Ginger Breadhouse: That is spelltacular! [She takes a picture.] Wow.
Madeline Hatter: Just told you the well never stays in one place very long. So go! [She pushes Ginger.]

Out in the forest, Ginger uses a detector on her phone and finds the well soon enough.
Ginger Breadhouse: Haha, it worked! All I need is an ounce. [The water in the well immediately avoids getting scooped up.] Huh? [Ginger's second and third attempts also fail.] Okay...

Alistair and Bunny walk down a path but the Cheshire Cat is hiding behind them.
Alistair Wonderland: We've gotta get this book back to our friends in Ever After.
Bunny Blanc: Let's just hope they have some answers.
Alistair Wonderland: They will. [The two continue chatting.]
Distracted, both of the Wonderlandians do not see the Cheshire Cat switching the real book with a riddle book.
Brooke Page: The Cheshire Cat is stealing the Storybook of Legends!
Male narrator: And replacing it with a book of Wonderland riddles.
Female narrator: Story is getting good!
Alistair Wonderland: How do you think we get out of here?
Cheshire Cat: [She appears.] Are you two still lost?
Alistair Wonderland: We followed your directions but it brought us back here.
Cheshire Cat: Then let me give you a little help. [She pushes a button behind her which converts the stairs into a huge slide.]
Bunny Blanc: Oh!
Alistair Wonderland: Whoa!
With the momentum built up, Bunny slides off the edge and Alistair holds onto her hand.
Bunny Blanc: Oooh, ooh...Alistair! [She slips and falls.] Ah!
Alistair Wonderland: Bunny! [He jumps off the edge after her.]

Ginger is hiding behind the well and is planning to catch its water in surprise.
Ginger Breadhouse: Okay. This time I've got―whoa! [She springs up and accidentally falls in the well.]
Alistair and Bunny: Oh! [He and Bunny fall into a pool of Wonderland water.]
Ginger Breadhouse: [Screaming as she falls in the well.]
At the same time, however, Alistair and Bunny are falling as well. They both switch channels and end up switching places.
Alistair and Bunny: Ah! [Both of them are sprayed out of the well and are left mid-air. Bunny flies out of Alistair's reach.] Bunny!
Bunny Blanc: [She turns into a bunny.] Oh, Alistair!
Alistair Wonderland: Haha, we did it!
Male narrator: But the adventure was just beginning.

Kitty is above a fair stall and is ready to pour cat litter in a drink.
Kitty Cheshire: [Gasp.] Mom! [She accidentally drops a bit.]
Cheshire Cat: Hello, dear. [She licks her finger and rubs Kitty's face with it.] Sandbox litter, still so preschool. [She appears and reappears on top of a smoothie statue.] Kitty, we talked about this, go big.
Briar, Cerise, Cedar and Holly get onto the same car.
Briar Beauty: I love a good Fairest Wheel.
Holly O'Hair: Briar, you love anything and everything exciting! Because, you know...[Snoring.]
Hopper Croakington II: [Hopper squeezes past the girls and enters the car.] Cedar, Cerise, Holly... Briar. [He hooks his arms around Holly and Briar as he takes his seat between them.] What do you say we take a spin together?
Cerise Hood: Hopper, the cars were meant to hold four people, not five!
Briar Beauty: I wouldn't worry about it.
Hopper Croakington II: So, Briar you look really um, enchanting! And uh, oh no! [He turns into a frog.] My soul is aflame, my heart is afire.
Briar Beauty: Told ya! [She crosses her arms.]
A bell rings, commencing the Fairest Wheel ride. Kitty appears next to the troll steering the wheel and blows sprinkles of pepper near its nose.
Troll: [Holds in a sneeze.]
Briar and Cedar: Yay! Yeah!
Cerise Hood: [Giggling.]
Cedar Wood: [The car stops abruptly.] Uh, what was that?
Troll: [Sneezing.]
Briar, Cedar, Cerise, Holly: Ahhhhh!
Kitty Cheshire: Hehehehe... [Slaps her hands in delight.]
Raven Queen: [She runs up to Kitty.] Kitty, you gotta stop pulling all these pranks!
Kitty Cheshire: Hmm...have you met me? 'Cause, it's kind of my thing. [She folds her arms.]
Raven Queen: But, you don't have to follow the same path as your mom. I mean, if you're a Rebel...
Kitty Cheshire: Ugh, why does anyone have to be a Rebel or a Royal? I do what I want. And I want to be like my mom.
Raven Queen: Really?
The Cheshire Cat appears in the background and smiles at Kitty's compliments.
Kitty Cheshire: She's beautiful, and smart, and creates more chaos than anyone ever after! Someday, I'm gonna make her proud of me. Rawr, laters. [She disappears.]

Ginger is still falling and lands in a giant teacup - next to the Mad Hatter's previous teashop.
Ginger Breadhouse: Oh, ah! Ohhh...ugh! [Gasp.] I'!

Back in Ever After, Raven and Apple are walking towards the Chef Showdown competition area.
Apple White: I just love Spring Fairest. It brings out the best in everyone.
Raven Queen: I know, right. It's so much fun! I can't wait for the Chef Showdown to start.
Apple White: Ooh, I wonder who the spellebrity judge will be.
Raven Queen: Huh? Where is everybody? The Chef Showdown is the best part of Spring Fairest. I know they wouldn't miss it.
Holly O'Hair: Wait! Wait...we're-we're here. [Holly and the other girls are dizzily walking towards them.]
Apple White: Where have you all been?
Briar Beauty: Well, someone broke the Fairest Wheel. [She puts a hand over her mouth.] Ugh...
Cerise Hood: We're looking at you, Kitty. [She falls down shortly afterwards.]
Kitty Cheshire: Wow, hey. Lighten up! Gotta admit, it was really funny! [She nods and giggles.] Look. If you all can't a little jo―whoa. Alistair? [She appears and reappears at the bottom of the staircase.]
Madeline Hatter: Ya-hahahaha! Yay! Yay! Yay!
Lizzie Hearts: I don't believe it! [Maddie and Kitty attack Alistair with hugs as Lizzie laughs.]
Alistair Wonderland: Maddie! Kitty! Lizzie! [Lizzie helps him up.]
Duchess Swan: [She appears behind Alistair.] Who is this?
Madeline Hatter: Meet our good friend, Alistair Wonderland. [The crowd forming murmurs.] None other than the son of the famous Alice!
Students: [Gasping.]
Lizzie Hearts: And is that...?
Alistair Wonderland: Yes! It's Bunny. [Bunny in bunny form jumps out of Alistair's hands.]
Bunny Blanc: [She reverts back to her human self.] Bunny Blanc. Daughter of the White Rabbit.
Sparrow Hood: Whoa! You're a girl! [He walks over to Bunny.] Sweet fairy fire, yeah! Ow!
Bunny Blanc: [Giggling.]
Alistair Wonderland: Dude, she's with me. [He shoves Sparrow.] I-I m-mean, standing right here. With me. [The two of them blush while the crowd around them raise a few eyebrows.]
Lizzie Hearts: It's been such a long time, Alistair, since we saw each other last. In Wonderland.
Madeline Hatter: ...wait a scootle! Brrr...[She shakes her head.] how did you two get here?
Milton Grimm: I'd like to know that myself! [He marches towards the students.] All the portals to Wonderland are sealed!
Alistair Wonderland: We found a way through.
Milton Grimm: Impossible! [He points to them.]
Giles Grimm: Well, except for that one that was left open to let a little bit of wonder flow in from Wonderland.
Milton Grimm: Oh! Ah, right. [Clears throat.] Young man, I do not know what kind trick you are trying to pull, [He waves his finger at him.] but you are not supposed to be in this world.
Alistair Wonderland: I think you're gonna be a lot nicer to me after I show you what I got in here. [He reaches in Bunny's backpack.]
Milton Grimm: Oh, really. And what exactly is that?
Alistair Wonderland: Just the Storybook of Legends! [Everyone gasps as he holds it out.]

Ginger enters the teashop and finds a hat lying on the counter. She blows dust off it and it animatedly starts flying with wings.
Ginger Breadhouse: [Gasp.] This is the Mad Hatter's Tea Shoppe! [Underneath her, a door begins to open and she squeals in fright, running behind the counter.] Don't come any closer, or I'll hit you with―[The rolling pin Ginger plans on using as defense disperses into butterflies.] ooh. Butterflies?
White Knight: Do not be afraid.
Ginger slightly backs away.
Ginger Breadhouse: Who are you? [Points.]
White Knight: I am known as the White Knight; [They bow.] loyal protector of Wonderland. I bring a warning. I was under Wonderland and saw the Cheshire Cat switch the Storybook of Legends [They browse and open a book, but it releases flames.] - a cursed one.
Ginger Breadhouse: A cursed book?
White Knight: A grave risk is headed for Ever After High. [He sets hummingbirds free from inside a snack box.]
Ginger Breadhouse: Oh! So how do I warn my friends?
White Knight: Any problem in Wonderland can be solved, with the right riddle. We just need to find it.
Ginger Breadhouse: A riddle...[She looks around and gasps.] I think I found something! [Reading.] 'Treat this portal to discover a bridge from one oven to another'! [Gasp.] Huh? But, what does that even mean?

The students are either flustered on words or extremely happy that the Storybook has returned.
Raven Queen: After all this time, the Storybook of Legends just, eh...shows up? I-I can't believe it.
Apple White: Now everyone can sign! Oh, thank you Alistair. [She runs up to him and gives him a hug.] Thank you, thank you!
Bunny Blanc: Have the girls here never seen a boy before?
Daring Charming: Well, Alistair my good man, [He playfully slaps Alistair on the back.] today you are the real hero.
Blondie Lockes: But, what was the Storybook of Legends doing in Wonderland?
Apple White: It doesn't matter what happened last chapter! [She slightly shakes her head.] It's back, and Alistair brought it to us.
Alistair Wonderland: Ah, it was nothing.
Milton Grimm: Yes, yes, yes. [He angrily flicks through the pages.] This would all be wonderful, except this is not the Storybook of Legends!
Students: [They gasp and the Cheshire Cat appears behind them.]
Milton Grimm: This is simply a tired, old book of riddles! [He hands the book to Apple.]
Madeline Hatter: Oh, that is hat-tastic! [Everyone gives Maddie looks and the Headmaster rolls his eyes. She shrugs in disappointment.] ...I mean, come on people! Who doesn't heart [She does the heart symbol with her hands.] a good riddle?
Alistair Wonderland: It was the Storybook of was!
Bunny Blanc: I saw it too!
Daring Charming: Not cool, my man. [He puts his hand on Alistair's shoulder and shakes his head.] Not cool. [He walks away.]
Bunny Blanc: Hey! We're telling the truth!
Kitty Cheshire: Awh, come on.
Lizzie Hearts: Off with all of you!
Kitty Cheshire: Don't cough a hairball, people.
Madeline Hatter: Yeah!
Alistair Wonderland: Forget it. They're not gonna listen. They don't know us like you guys do. [They five of the Wonderlandians take off together.]

All the students take their seats and competitors for the Chef Showdown ready their treats.
Apple White: [Reading.] 'The link it breaks, the darkness creeps, but what will grin where all shall weep'? [Gasp.]
Ashlynn Ella: Good luck, Apple!
Apple White: I don't need luck. [She drops the riddle book in Ashlynn's hands and folds her arms in confidence.]
Blondie Lockes: Hello, fans! You're just in time, for everyone's favorite Spring Fairest event: the Spring Chef Showdown.
Crowd: [Cheering.]
Raven Queen: Oh no. Where's Ginger? She's gonna miss the competition!
Apple White: Whatever after. My chances of winning just got better.
Raven Queen: Apple!
Ashlynn Ella: [Ashlynn gasps as she and Hunter are turned by the book. She lazily hands the book over to Daring.] Hey, check this out.
Daring Charming: [Reading.] 'Reading rhymes, marking time, to the topsy-turvy mountain you climb'! [Behind him, Poppy and Humphrey are affected as well. All of them gasp]
Cedar Wood: Huh?
Jack takes a bite out of Duchess's cake but lets out a groan of disgust. He moves onto Holly's cake.
Jack Horner: What have we here? These tower-tea cakes are out of this kingdom!
Holly O'Hair: Yeah!
Raven Queen: Oh, I think I'm next!
Apple White: [Apple purposely throws a towel to Raven's direction as she has a plan.] Oops. Would you be a doll and get that? I am such a butter fingers. [Using that time, she sprinkles pepper on top of the watermelons on Raven's cake.] Thanks, Raven. [Sarcastically.] You're the best.
Jack Horner: Wicked watermelon pops! Just the refreshing thing I need after tasting all these treats! [He quickly takes one off the cake and eats it.] Mmm, that is good. Juicy, hmm, sweet! Hmm, [His tongue starts steaming and he runs off.] H-h-h-HOT!!!
Raven Queen: But, there wasn't anything spicy in there! At all.
Apple White: Aww, that's a shame.
Raven Queen: Apple? It can't be.
Apple White: Better luck next time! [She walks off with a smirk on her face.]
Holly O'Hair: [Holly enters.] Raven, what happened?
Raven Queen: You're not gonna believe this, but...I think Apple just cheated.

Ginger is pacing around the tea shop.
Ginger Breadhouse: 'Treat this portal to discover a bridge from one oven to another'. 'Treat this portal', they mean "treat", like a sweet treat! [Gasp.] I guess the only way I can send a warning to my friends is to bake one in a treat!
White Knight: You do realize baking in Wonderland is a lot different than back where you're from.
Ginger Breadhouse: I figured as much. [She slips on an apron.] But, I'm a good baker. I think I can handle it. [Ginger finds a cookbook.] Aha! Let's see. [She opens the cookbook.]
Cookbook: Wow! What are we baking today? Amazing apple pie? Banana bonanza? Caterpillar cupcakes? Delicious, delectable delights, elegant éclairs...—?
Ginger Breadhouse: I don't think I'll ever get used to Wonderland rules.

On a balcony, the Wonderlandians are gathered.
Lizzie Hearts: And you're sure it was the Storybook of Legends? ...Okay, okay!
Alistair Wonderland: I just don't understand what could've happened.
Bunny Blanc: Unless...
Madeline Hatter: [She rubs her hands together.] Unless what?
Bunny Blanc: Well, after we found the book, we did run into someone.
Alistair Wonderland: That's right!
Kitty Cheshire: Who?
Bunny Blanc: Your mom.
Kitty Cheshire: Really? My mom? You think she switched up the Storybook of Legends, with a riddle book?, ahaha!
Lizzie Hearts: Kitty! [She walks over to Kitty.]
Kitty Cheshire: I mean, I thought I was good at causing chaos, but she's on another page! That is spelltacular!
Alistair, Bunny, Lizzie and Madeline: Kitty!
Kitty Cheshire: What?
Bunny Blanc: We were just trying to bring you the Storybook of Legends. And now, because of your mom, nobody believes us!
Kitty Cheshire: [Giggling.] Yeah, but...[She frowns slightly.]
Alistair Wonderland: Kitty, I know we've all been friends forever after,'ve gotta learn that some jokes just aren't funny.
Kitty Cheshire: [She crosses her arms.] I would've thought my friends―my Wonderland friends―would understand me! But I guess I was wrong. Charm you later. [She turns her back to them and disappears.]
Lizzie Hearts: Now what do we do?
Alistair Wonderland: Okay. We came out through the Well of Wonder, so, ah...
Bunny Blanc: How are we gonna find it again? Doesn't exactly stay in one place.
Lizzie Hearts: Oh, it's not that hard to find. As long as you have a map.

Maddie nods in unison.

Raven and Holly walk over to Ashlynn who is sitting on a bench about to take a bite out of a hamburger.
Raven Queen: Ashlynn, we need you. Something's wrong with Apple - she's totally flipped the script!
Ashlynn Ella: [She lets out a loud belch.]

Briar walks in Book End outside Poppy's hair salon.
Female students: [Screaming.]
Poppy O'Hair: [Poppy runs after the girls.] Wait, I'm not done! Care for a trim, Briar?

Cerise finds Humphrey on a wall with a jetpack and rollerskates.
Humphrey Dumpty: Whoa! Oh!
Cerise Hood: Humphrey Dumpty! Ah, isn't that kind of, you know, dangerous with your story?
Humphrey Dumpty: Check it out, I've got a jetpack! I'm unbreakable! [He zooms off without a second thought and crashes into a wall.] Oh, ho-ho-ho.
Cerise finds Cedar and walks over to her.
Cerise Hood: Hey, Cedar. Is that one of the tower-tea cakes Holly made?
Cedar Wood: I'm not...eating anything.
Cerise Hood: Yes, you are! You're chewing right now―[Gasp.] you just told a lie!
Cedar Wood: [She glances around and gulps.] No I didn't! [She continues eating.]

Cupid leads a bunch of students to Daring and they run up to him.
C.A. Cupid: Daring!
Daring Charming: Oh!
C.A. Cupid: Oh, I'm so glad we found you. There's a totally vicious dragon attacking people at Book End! You have to slay it!
Daring Charming: Oh my Crown! Thanks for the warning! [He nods and points to Cupid.] If anybody needs me, I'll be in here until it's safe. [He shuts himself in a locker and the students walk away.] Ohh!
Raven Queen: Okay, that's it. [She and Holly walk up to Apple.]
Apple White: Oh, goodie. [She shuts Daring back in the locker.] It's Raven Mean and Holly O'Square. M-hm.
Holly and Raven: [Gasp.]
Raven Queen: You did cheat, didn't you? [Points to Apple.] At the Showdown!
Apple White: [In a sneaky tone.] Maybe I did. So what? Like anyone is gonna believe you [She points to them.] two over me?
Raven Queen: This isn't you, Apple!
Apple White: I've just got the most wicked idea.
Daring Charming: Ooohhh! Wait for me!! [He runs behind Apple.]
Raven Queen: She's right. No one is gonna believe us.
Cerise Hood: [From the shadows, Cerise appears and points to herself.] I will.
Holly and Raven: Cerise?
Cerise Hood: I heard every word. And they're not the only ones acting strange. Something's making everyone act totally upside-down.
Holly O'Hair: Well, we better find out why, and fast!

Cerise and Raven nod.

Apple and Daring are outside the school and Apple is leading Daring (who shows reluctance) to their destination by pushing him to it.
Daring Charming: So, ahm, [Nervous chuckle.] why, um, why should I stand...right here? Huh, something bad going to happen? [He covers the sides of his face with his hands.]
Apple White: Ooh! Would you just hero up, Daring? All I need you to do is just stay here and wait for my signal, can you handle that?! [She walks away grumpily.]
Daring Charming: [He shivers as he hears a squirrel.] Oh! Have mercy! [He shields himself.]
Apple enters Lizzie's dorm room and her objective is to steal her map book.
Apple White: Ha! [She tries finding Lizzie's map book but it is not in plain sight. However as Apple checks her closet she easily spots it.] Perfect.
Madeline Hatter: [(From outside.)] Haha!
Lizzie Hearts: [(From outside.)] Just asking.
Apple hastily runs out the balcony and jumps off the edge, hoping that Daring would catch her.
Apple White: Daring! Da-ring!
Daring Charming: Oh! [He shields himself from inside the bush but ultimately runs off.]
Apple White: Oof! [She bounces off the bush and lands safely.] Um, excuse me? You're Daring Charming.
Daring taps his fingers as she scolds him.

You're supposed to catch falling princesses!

Daring Charming: But...the, [He points upwards.] ohhh!
Apple White: [She scowls.]
Daring Charming: Oh! Ga-haaa...

Lizzie panics as she rummages around, finding that her map book is nowhere in sight.
Lizzie Hearts: It's... Gone! [She steps outside to her balcony and everyone else follows.] Uh...
Alistair Wonderland: Who would've taken it?
The four of them gather and view the Spring Fairest from above.

Female pixie: [Gasp as her cake is being atepped on.]
Male pixie: [Bickering.]
Apple and Daring are wandering the forest trying to find the Well of Wonder.
Daring Charming: So, um, I'm kind of scared to ask, but...what's this big plan of yours?
Apple White: The well...
Daring Charming: Well, what?
Apple White: The Well of Wonder! I heard Maddie say that Lizzie had the only map to it, so, I stole it from Lizzie's room. [She opens the book.] Everyone knows that the magic; the wonder; the life of our world comes from Wonderland through that well.
Daring Charming: Gahhh! [He hops on the spot.] I-I stubbed my little toe...
Apple White: Anyway, you and I, we're going to plug up that well for good.
Daring Charming: But that will [Gasp.] destroy the fairytale world!
Apple White: [Sarcastically.] Wow, you catch on fast! Not. Now, come on! [She grabs onto Daring's sleeve and drags him.]
Male narrator: Oh, yes!
Brooke Page: No, no! Apple White is the future Queen! Her who life is about protecting the fairytale world! We can't let that happen. We're narrators; we're part of this world too!
In the background, Raven, Cerise, Briar and Holly all follow Apple and Daring.
Female narrator: Narrators cannot interfere.
Male narrator: Why don't you just take us to the next scene, okay?
Brooke Page: No, but―
Male and female narrator: Brooke...

Brooke Page: [Brooke lets out a sigh and unenthusiastically continues to narrate.] Meanwhile, in Wonderland, Ginger finished baking the pie with the message warning her friends about the cursed riddle book. [Ginger puts the pie in the oven.]
Ginger Breadhouse: I hope they get my warning, before it's too late! [Ginger shields her eyes as the oven flashes and it teleports her treat elsewhere.]

Three billy goats gruff: Baa!
Customer: Can I get a―
Mad Hatter: The Mad Hatter peeks out from behind the counter and springs upwards.]

Ah! Ho-ho-ho-ho. Eh, seven of these, four of these, three of those, two, and two of that, there ya go! [Laughing.] And thank you for coming to my Tea Shoppe! Next!

Customer: All I wanted was a cup of tea.
With a loud flash, a gingerbread worker in the tea shop finds the pie from inside the oven and sets it out to cool.

Apple White: According to the map, it's right...[Apple looks left and right.] Ugh! This Wonderland stuff is SO annoying! I mean, really! Is it that hard just to have a normal map that shows you where―[Daring flinches as he points behind her.] WHAT? Perfect. [She rubs her hands together.]
Daring Charming: So, um, [Nervous chuckle.] I don't have to do anything dangerous, do I?
Apple White: Nope. Since you've turned into Coward Charming, I thought ahead and brought some help. Ashlynn! Hunter!
Ashlynn and Hunter walk in together and they are both playing with food.
Hunter Huntsman: Eh!
Ashlynn Ella: [Giggling.] Uh!
Apple White: Time to get our evil on. [Daring screams in the background.] Hahaha.
In seconds, Hunter crafts a large wood roll out of a tree trunk.
Raven and the others run to Apple.
Raven Queen: Apple! Uh. [She slides down a small ledge and everyone follows.] Apple, this is so not you - you would never to anything to hurt Ever After High.
Apple White: Oh, poor Raven. So naive. You're about to find out how wrong you really are.
Ashlynn Ella: [She burps.]
Holly O'Hair: Ashlynn? Hunter? You guys love nature, I can't believe you'd do this!
Ashlynn Ella: Believe it! [She tosses her burger aside.] Ho-ho-ho-ho-ha-ha-ha!
Ashlynn's calls signal a ram which angrily knocks down the giant wood roll Hunter has created.
Briar, Cerise, Holly and Raven: [All are alarmed as the well is plugged up.]
Kitty appears in the background along with her mother.
Cheshire Cat: Oh, such chaos! [She strokes her daughter's hair.] Are you enjoying this, kitten? [Kitty acts happy but breaks out and continues shrugging.]

Male narrator: And so, Apple White's plan to block the flow of wonder into the world of Ever After High has worked all too well.
Raven Queen: Okay, that's it. Cerise, Briar, Holly, come on. [They all try forcing the plug of the well out.]
Apple White: Good luck with all that.
Raven Queen: [Groan.] Well I guess you forgotten that I can do magic. [Raven casts a purple spell with her hands.]
Apple White: Actually Raven, I think you're the one who's forgetting things.
Raven Queen: Oh yeah? Like what? [She puts her hands on her hips and behind them the well starts to disappear.]
Girls: [Gasp.]
Apple White: Like the Well of Wonder never stays in one place very long. [She stares at her nails.]
Raven Queen: Ugh!
Briar Beauty: You won't win, Apple!
Apple White: Well. This has been fun and all, but, charm you later. [A rope is lowered to Apple and she is being pulled up.]
Daring Charming: Oh! Wait for me! [Daring runs to Apple and hangs onto her as she and him are being hoisted up.]
Cerise Hood: We'll find the well!
Apple White: Gonna be hard without this! [She shows off the map book she stole.]
Raven Queen: You wicked―[Raven angrily runs over to Apple.]
Holly O'Hair: Raven.
Raven Queen: What? [She turns back but behind her Apple and Daring are already being lifted up.] We can't let them get away!
Daring Charming: Oh!
Holly O'Hair: I think we've got bigger problems... [She points to the drying-up, dull ground beneath them.] the wonder, it's drying up! [She touches the ground and her hand is affected.]
Cerise Hood: Holly, no! [Cerise pulls Holly out.] Without wonder, our world will cease to exist.
Raven Queen: Not if I can help it. And the only way we're gonna stop this is to figure out what's wrong with Apple. Come on! [Raven leads the girls back and they run.]

The Wonderlandians are together having tea at the Mad Hatter's tea shop.
Madeline Hatter: Don't worry Lizzie, we'll find your book. Somehow. [She sighs but is interrupted by her father who puts his hat on her head.] Whoo! Dad!
Mad Hatter: Haha!
Alistair Wonderland: It's nice to see a familiar face.
Mad Hatter and Madeline: Whistle! Cradle! Up top! Down! Sideways! Shake, and to the moon! [Maddie giggles and places the hat back on his head.]
Mad Hatter: The train runs on tracks; birds on the air, and we believers must always take care.
Alistair Wonderland: He's right. A little food will totally help us think.
Brooke Page: Wait! No, this isn't right. There's no pie! Ginger baked her message in a pie! [The Wonderlandians continue happily eating.]
Male and female narrator: Brooke...
Brooke Page: Maddie. Maddie can hear us!
Male and female narrator: Brooke, no!
Brooke Page: I'm sorry! I have to do this.

Maddie automatically perks up. Maddie! Ginger baked a message for you in a pie, it's somewhere in the Tea Shoppe. Hurry!

Madeline Hatter: [She tips her hat.] Thank you, young narrator.
Duchess Swan: M-hm!
Maddie is preparing to swipe the pie off Duchess.
Madeline Hatter: [Before Duchess takes a bite, Maddie grabs it.] Whoopsy!
Duchess Swan: Hey! [She slams the table.]
Madeline Hatter: Sorry. [She takes another pie.] Thanks! [Maddie takes another one and replaces it with a smoothie.] Ooh! [And another.] Hmm! [And another.] Aha! [And another.] Hat-tastic! [She lays all the pies she's got on the table.]
Lizzie Hearts: Why did you do that, Maddie?
Maddie takes out a cutting knife and they begin eating.
Madeline Hatter: Ginger baked us a message! The voices told me so.

Hours later, the Wonderlandians are all short on pies and luck.
Alistair Wonderland: We've eaten every pie. And, no message. [He slumps down in his chair.]
Mad Hatter: [The Mad Hatter appears.] You've made it very clear that you love to eat pie. [Chuckling.] I found one in the kitchen that you really must try! [He puts it on the table.]
Madeline slices the pie and it forms the shape of a mouth.
Ginger's recorded voice: Uh, so what do I do, do I just start talking? Test. Test! Oh, guys! This is Ginger, Ever After's in danger! There's a riddle book, and it's cursed! [The Wonderlandians gasp.] You guys have to find it! Eh. Now what? Do I just―that's it?
Alistair Wonderland: What do we do?
Madeline Hatter: Cedar was the last one with the riddle book! Let's go! [She stands up.] Thanks, Dad! [She kisses his cheek.]
Mad Hatter: You're welcome―eh, what did I do?

Cerise looks behind her and finds that animals are also being affected by the spreading curse.
Cerise Hood: [Gasp.]

Cedar is strolling around the Spring Fairest.
Cedar Wood: Lookin' good! [She lightly smacks herself in the chest and makes a face of disgust.] Love the dress!
Lizzie Hearts: Cedar, where's that book of riddles?
Cedar Wood: Uh, I don't know what you're talking about.
Lizzie Hearts: Oh, yes you do! [She smugly points at Cedar.] I saw you reading it at the Chef Showdown and―oh! [She covers her mouth.] Cedar is lying!
Madeline Hatter: Okay. [She crosses her arms.] This curse is so not hat-tastic!
Bunny Blanc: are we gonna find the book?
Alistair Wonderland: By asking her a lie! Of course! Cedar, where didn't you put the book when you were done reading it? [He points to Cedar.]
Cedar Wood: I didn't throw it in the dumpster behind the castleteria. If that's what you're asking.
Alistair Wonderland: Haha, it worked! Let's go.
Cedar Wood: He is so smart. [She rolls her eyes.]

Briar, Cerise, Holly and Raven are running together through Book End. People stare at them and wonder why they're running but they get affected by the curse.

Behind the castleteria, Lizzie and the Wonderlandians try finding the riddle book. Lizzie throws several things out of the bin.
Lizzie Hearts: Sword, magic wand, useless beans! [She throws the beans out and they start growing.] Oatmeal, a retainer...I don't even know what this [She holds out a broken cassette tape.] is.
Alistair finds a Headmaster Grimm doll and throws it behind him. He looks beneath him.
Alistair Wonderland: Hey guys, I found it! [He pulls it out.] We've got to get it to the Spring Fairest grounds, so we can reverse the curse! Before it's too late!
Lizzie Hearts: Woohoo! [The bin slams down, shutting them all inside.] Ugh...

Briar, Cerise, Holly and Raven: [The girls are panting as they try to find Apple in the fair.]
Cerise Hood: Raven! Over there!
Raven Queen: Apple!
Apple White: You again? Ugh. Raven, I don't see why you're so upset; [She folds her arms.] you never wanted to follow your destiny anyway.
Raven Queen: I don't know what's wrong with you. But I do know that Apple White―the awesome Apple White that I know and love―[Apple yawns sarcastically.] would never, ever want anything bad to happen to the school she loves.
Holly O'Hair: Apple, you have the best story ever after.
Briar Beauty: You're all about protecting this world. [Briar walks up to Apple on steps.] Not this.
Cerise Hood: Please, Apple.
Behind them, several people nearby are being affected by the curse as well.
Raven Queen: Apple. You can end this. [Raven walks up behind Briar.] Just give us the map!
Apple White: Uh, nah. [Apple and everyone else is affected by the curse.]
Daring Charming: Oh!
Male narrator: But did Kitty Cheshire really want the joke to go this far?
Kitty gasps as she is atop of the Fairest Wheel, cornered by the lack of wonder.

Male narrator: And so, the Spring Fairest...
Female narrator: ...had fallen to despair and sadness, for the Well of Wonder had run dry.
Alistair Wonderland: [The Wonderlandians run out from behind the school.] What's going on?
Madeline Hatter: The's gone!
Bunny Blanc: I guess it doesn't affect us 'cause we're from Wonderland.
Madeline Hatter: [Gasp.] Raven! [Madeline runs to Raven and shakes her.] What happened?
Raven Queen: [Dryly.] The well... Apple did this. [She points to Apple but drops her position.]
Madeline Hatter: Apple?
Apple White: You're too late.
Lizzie Hearts: [Gasp.] We have the book of riddles! Can't we just destroy that? Won't that stop this?
Alistair Wonderland: We can't be sure of that, and we may need the book later. No, this is a riddle, and we need to find the answer.
Kitty Cheshire: [Sigh.] Uh, hey, guys.
Lizzie Hearts: Well, you [Points to Kitty.] must be loving all of this.
Kitty Cheshire: No, no, not hexactly. I mean, I like a good joke, but this has gone too far. [She lifts up a dead flower from a dried up flower bush.]
Alistair Wonderland: Kitty, first things first, do you know how to reverse the topsy-turvy curse?
Kitty Cheshire: Uh-uh, [She shakes her head.] but I know who does. [Shouts.] Mom!!! Mom? I have to talk to you. Now!
The Cheshire Cat only appears with a smile.

All of you.

With Kitty's demand, the Cheshire Cat appears fully.
Cheshire Cat: What's got your fur up, little one?
Kitty Cheshire: You! [She points to her mother and reappears by her side.] You sent a curse to my school!
Cheshire Cat: I thought you of anyone would love this! I mean, the chaos? It's spelltacular!
Kitty Cheshire: No, it's not. Ever After High is my favorite place with my favorite people in the whole world. And if we don't change this, all of our stories will be lost. Forever. That's no joke. You have to tell us how to reverse the curse.
Cheshire Cat: Alright. [She disappears.] I'll play you for it. [She reappears on top of a set of steps and walks forward then disappears.]
Kitty Cheshire: [Everyone gasps.] Bring it.
Cheshire Cat: [She reappears on a balcony.] How about this: [Everyone lightly gasps.] if you can make it to me, then, I'll tell you what you want to know. [She casts a spell and the regular benches turn into a game board.]
Madeline Hatter: A puzzle...
Alistair Wonderland: Come on Kitty, we got this.
Kitty Cheshire: Uh, [She taps her chin.] okay. Well, Bunny... try that first tile, [She points down.] right in front of you.
Alistair, Lizzie, Madeline: [They let out a sigh of relief.]
Kitty Cheshire: Meow. Uh, okay. Lizzie, you step on that one. [As she points, Lizzie follows her orders and is frozen in place.] Whoa!
Cheshire Cat: Hmm-hmm, wonderful! Who's next?
Kitty Cheshire: There has to be some logic to this! Bunny, step diagonally to the right. [Bunny follows her but she is frozen as well. Kitty gasps in despair.]
Cheshire Cat: Running out of chances, little one.
Madeline Hatter: Come on, Kitty. Time to end this cat fight.
Kitty Cheshire: But-but, I don't even know what the rules are! [She hides her face in her hands.]
Alistair Wonderland: I'm a riddle master, but I'm stumped. [He clenches his fist.]
Cheshire Cat: [She chuckles and Kitty stares at her grin.]
Kitty Cheshire: [She gasps and regains confidence.]
Tensing up, the Cheshire Cat now stands upright and looks around for Kitty. Kitty slowly begins to appear behind her.
Madeline Hatter: Whoo!
Alistair Wonderland: Well done!
Kitty Cheshire: You never said I was had to go across the board. Just get to you. [She points to her. After a while of staring, her mother admits it.]
Cheshire Cat: ...Kitty. Where did you learn to be so devious? [Kitty takes her mother's hands.]
Kitty Cheshire: Oh, I think you know the answer to that.
Cheshire Cat: I'm proud of you. Read the last riddle of the book - backwards. That'll undo the curse. [She waves below to them.] See you all on parents' day. [As goodbye, she winks to Kitty.]
Alistair Wonderland: Hey! This isn't over yet. [He waves the riddle book out and Maddie takes it out of his hand.]
Madeline Hatter: [Reading.] 'Tonight, darkness the to answer the is where but delied curious the lies to riddle from'...
In front of her, everyone wakes up from their riddle book curses.
Alistair Wonderland: Apple. Are
Apple White: What...have I done?
Lizzie Hearts: Kitty appears behind Apple.

Apple, we need my book! [Apple quickly gives the book back to Lizzie which she takes and opens.]

Kitty Cheshire: Hey, that's Grimm's Peak! It looks like it's...plugged?
Madeline Hatter: How are we gonna unplug it?
Troll: [Sneezing.]
Wonderlandians: [On top of Grimm's Peak, the Wonderlandians and the troll climb up together. As soon as the troll unplugs the hole, everyone begins cheering as Ever After returns its color.]

Ginger and the White Knight walk out of the forest together.
Ginger Breadhouse: Thank you for getting me home.
White Knight: It was my duty and my honor. But please, tell no one how we got here.
Ginger Breadhouse: [Ginger leaps up to the Knight and gives them a hug which they return.] I promise. [Ginger looks back but walks off.]

Back at the fair, the Grimm Brothers are walking together and Milton is pushing a large cart of all the prizes he's won.
Milton Grimm: [He shoves Giles's hand away from touching his prizes.]
Giles Grimm: Hmph!
Milton Grimm: [Laughing.]
By the Wonderland water fountain, several students have gathered to ponder about Wonderland and the Storybook's fate. Madeline is playing in the water.
Apple White: So, you're sure the real Storybook of Legends is still in Wonderland?
Alistair Wonderland: Positive.
Cerise Hood: If it is in Wonderland, how are we gonna get it?
Madeline Hatter: Woohoo! [She jumps around.] Ahahahaha!
Holly O'Hair: You know what? It's a beautiful spring day and we're at the most spelltacular fair ever after.
Ginger Breadhouse: Which I still have yet to experience!
Holly O'Hair: What do you say, we worry about Wonderland tomorrow?
Apple White: Sounds great. [She gives Raven a hug.]
Madeline Hatter: Yeah!
Students: [Laughing.]
Madeline Hatter: Let's go!
Ginger Breadhouse: So, when does the Chef Showdown start?
Female narrator: But that is a story for next time.
Brooke Page: So... you guys still mad at me? I mean it did have a happy ending.
Female narrator: Of course we are. What you did was wrong.
Male narrator: It doesn't matter that it had a happy ending, you broke the rules!
Female narrator: You're not allowed to be in the story. We just tell the story.
Brooke Page: I was totally helpful, okay? I kind of think I saved the show. And, the fair. When are you guys gonna let me narrate?

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