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Ginger, Lizzie and Maddie all enter Lizzie's dorm room for the map book.
Ginger Breadhouse: So, why do you need a map just to tell you where the Well of Wonder is?
Lizzie and Madeline: [Laughing.]
Ginger Breadhouse: What's so funny?
Madeline Hatter: The well is connected to Wonderland, so it's, you know, kinda...
Ginger Breadhouse: Oh! Mad.
Lizzie Hearts: [Lizzie retrieves her book from her closet.] We prefer the term "wondrous".
Madeline Hatter: The well's never in the same place for more than a few minutes!
Lizzie Hearts: Let's see...oh, there it is. That's where you'll find the Well of Wonder next.
Ginger Breadhouse: That is spelltacular! [She takes a picture.] Wow.
Madeline Hatter: Just told you the well never stays in one place very long. So go! [She pushes Ginger.]

Ginger Breadhouse: Out in the forest, Ginger uses a detector on her phone and finds the well soon enough.

Haha, it worked! All I need is an ounce. [The water in the well immediately avoids getting scooped up.] Huh? [Ginger's second and third attempts also fail.] Okay...

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