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Alistair Wonderland: How do you think we get out of here?
Cheshire Cat: [She appears.] Are you two still lost?
Alistair Wonderland: We followed your directions but it brought us back here.
Cheshire Cat: Then let me give you a little help. [She pushes a button behind her which converts the stairs into a huge slide.]
Bunny Blanc: Oh!
Alistair Wonderland: Whoa!
With the momentum built up, Bunny slides off the edge and Alistair holds onto her hand.
Bunny Blanc: Oooh, ooh...Alistair! [She slips and falls.] Ah!
Alistair Wonderland: Bunny! [He jumps off the edge after her.]

Ginger is hiding behind the well and is planning to catch its water in surprise.
Ginger Breadhouse: Okay. This time I've got―whoa! [She springs up and accidentally falls in the well.]
Alistair and Bunny: Oh! [He and Bunny fall into a pool of Wonderland water.]
Ginger Breadhouse: [Screaming as she falls in the well.]
At the same time, however, Alistair and Bunny are falling as well. They both switch channels and end up switching places.
Alistair and Bunny: Ah! [Both of them are sprayed out of the well and are left mid-air. Bunny flies out of Alistair's reach.] Bunny!
Bunny Blanc: [She turns into a bunny.] Oh, Alistair!
Alistair Wonderland: Haha, we did it!
Male narrator: But the adventure was just beginning.

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