The Cheshire Cat sends Alistair Wonderland and Bunny Blanc through the Well of Wonder to Ever After High, while Ginger Breadhouse is transported through the same watery tunnel to Wonderland.


Alistair and Bunny are still lost underneath Wonderland inside the Well of Wonder, and the Cheshire Cat is willing to help. She does help them, but in a way they do not expect - she presses a button which sends them sliding down a flatted-out flight of stairs. Bunny nearly falls off the edge but is saved by Alistair, but as he catches her she loses her grip. Alistair jumps in after her and they fall into the portal to Ever After. Back in Ever After, Ginger is having trouble scooping up an ounce of Wonderland water for her recipe. On her final attempt, she accidentally plummets down the well and is transported through one of the well's many tunnels to Wonderland. Alistair and Bunny are pushed out the well by its force of water and they land on Ever After High's school grounds.


  1. Cheshire Cat
  2. Bunny Blanc
  3. Alistair Wonderland
  4. Ginger Breadhouse