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Several students are playing a flying swing.
Students [Cheering.]
Kitty Cheshire: [Chuckling as she tosses an ice cream behind her, hitting Duchess.]
Duchess Swan: Ugh! What did you do that for?!
Kitty Cheshire: Duh! Daughter of the Cheshire Cat! [She tosses another one.]
Duchess Swan: Ohh!
Kitty Cheshire: [Chuckling.] Mom would love this. [She takes out her phone.] I gotta brag. [She broadcasts herself to her mother with Cheshire magic.] Hi, Mom. Did I wake you up?
Cheshire Cat: [Yawning.] It was just a catnap, Kitty. My darling, how are things? Any good pranks to share with Mommy?
Kitty Cheshire: Yes! I learned from the best! I threw ice cream in Duchess's face! [She points to her picture on her phone.]
Cheshire Cat: Slapstick, really? Preschool pranks! Call me back when you've done something... outlandish. [Kitty slightly pouts as she says that.] Something that turns the world topsy turvy! Something... wonderlanderful...
Kitty Cheshire: But, mom! I-I!
Cheshire Cat: Yes?
Kitty Cheshire: I'll do better.
Cheshire Cat: You're a Cheshire - of course you will! Bye. [Kitty's broadcast disappears and she continues napping.]

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