Lizzie Hearts debuts the Wonderlandiful outfits she made for her friends forever after for the Spring Fairest.


Lizzie Hearts sits at a sewing machine and makes Spring Fairest outfits for Briar, Holly, Cerise, and Cedar. After they are complete, the girls don their new outfits and show them off at the Spring Fairest. Astounded, Blondie Lockes reports on their outfits on Just Right. Holly is excited to be on Blondie's show. Kitty Cheshire sees them on a jumbo mirror and makes herself a Spring outfit with her Cheshire magic to match.


  1. Cheshire Cat
  2. Bunny Blanc
  3. Alistair Wonderland
  4. Lizzie Hearts
  5. Briar Beauty
  6. Holly O'Hair
  7. Cerise Hood
  8. Cedar Wood
  9. Blondie Lockes
  10. Kitty Cheshire

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