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Briar, Cerise, Holly and Raven: [The girls are panting as they try to find Apple in the fair.]
Cerise Hood: Raven! Over there!
Raven Queen: Apple!
Apple White: You again? Ugh. Raven, I don't see why you're so upset; [She folds her arms.] you never wanted to follow your destiny anyway.
Raven Queen: I don't know what's wrong with you. But I do know that Apple White―the awesome Apple White that I know and love―[Apple yawns sarcastically.] would never, ever want anything bad to happen to the school she loves.
Holly O'Hair: Apple, you have the best story ever after.
Briar Beauty: You're all about protecting this world. [Briar walks up to Apple on steps.] Not this.
Cerise Hood: Please, Apple.
Behind them, several people nearby are being affected by the curse as well.
Raven Queen: Apple. You can end this. [Raven walks up behind Briar.] Just give us the map!
Apple White: Uh, nah. [Apple and everyone else is affected by the curse.]

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