Can Raven and friends save Ever After High?


The four girls run through the Spring Fairest and find Apple and the other three sitting in the center of it. Apple is irritated how Raven tries to play good, despite her never caring about destiny in the first place, but that's the least of Raven's problems. Instead, Raven wants to get to the bottom of why Apple's acting strange, and the only way to retrieve the map book of the Well of Wonder is shifted to a last resort as the magic of the plugged-up well is closing in on them. The four girls plead Apple, but at the last second Apple refuses and is consumed by the curse with a smug look on her face.


  • This is not a real webisode, but more as something to show us what the special is like through YouTube, as teasers or short clips.


  1. Raven Queen
  2. Holly O'Hair
  3. Cerise Hood
  4. Briar Beauty
  5. C.A. Cupid
  6. Apple White
  7. Daring Charming
  8. Ashlynn Ella
  9. Hunter Huntsman
  10. Melody Piper
  11. Poppy O'Hair
  12. Hopper Croakington II
  13. Dexter Charming
  14. Troll