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All the students take their seats and competitors for the Chef Showdown ready their treats.
Apple White: [Reading.] 'The link it breaks, the darkness creeps, but what will grin where all shall weep'? [Gasp.]
Ashlynn Ella: Good luck, Apple!
Apple White: I don't need luck. [She drops the riddle book in Ashlynn's hands and folds her arms in confidence.]
Blondie Lockes: Hello, fans! You're just in time, for everyone's favorite Spring Fairest event: the Spring Chef Showdown.
Crowd: [Cheering.]
Raven Queen: Oh no. Where's Ginger? She's gonna miss the competition!
Apple White: Whatever after. My chances of winning just got better.
Raven Queen: Apple!
Ashlynn Ella: [Ashlynn gasps as she and Hunter are turned by the book. She lazily hands the book over to Daring.] Hey, check this out.
Daring Charming: [Reading.] 'Reading rhymes, marking time, to the topsy-turvy mountain you climb'! [Behind him, Poppy and Humphrey are affected as well. All of them gasp]
Cedar Wood: Huh?
Jack takes a bite out of Duchess's cake but lets out a groan of disgust. He moves onto Holly's cake.
Jack Horner: What have we here? These tower-tea cakes are out of this kingdom!
Holly O'Hair: Yeah!
Raven Queen: Oh, I think I'm next!
Apple White: [Apple purposely throws a towel to Raven's direction as she has a plan.] Oops. Would you be a doll and get that? I am such a butter fingers. [Using that time, she sprinkles pepper on top of the watermelons on Raven's cake.] Thanks, Raven. [Sarcastically.] You're the best.
Jack Horner: Wicked watermelon pops! Just the refreshing thing I need after tasting all these treats! [He quickly takes one off the cake and eats it.] Mmm, that is good. Juicy, hmm, sweet! Hmm, [His tongue starts steaming and he runs off.] H-h-h-HOT!!!
Raven Queen: But, there wasn't anything spicy in there! At all.
Apple White: Aww, that's a shame.
Raven Queen: Apple? It can't be.
Apple White: Better luck next time! [She walks off with a smirk on her face.]
Holly O'Hair: [Holly enters.] Raven, what happened?
Raven Queen: You're not gonna believe this, but...I think Apple just cheated.

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