Apple White falls under a script-flipping spell when she reads a Wonderland rhyme that turns this fairest of them all into her topsy turvy opposite.


Apple reads a riddle off the Wonderland riddle book and falls under a curse. Ashlynn wishes her friend luck, but Apple is cocky and sure that she'll win. As Ashlynn wanders back into the audience, she and Hunter read a verse off it too. The two of them along with all those who were listening become affected by the curse as well and Ashlynn slothfully passes the book onto Daring. He quickly reads a line with Poppy and Humphrey listening behind him, but he puts the book down without hesitation. Cedar finds it next to her and also reads a riddle from the cursed book herself.

As Jack Horner judges the cakes and treats of the students, Apple rigs Raven's cake by spicing the watermelons. Jack Horner runs off as soon as he tastes Raven's "wicked watermelon pops"; apparently they were too spicy for him. Apple teases Raven and sashays away. Holly goes over to Raven, and Raven expresses her thoughts of Apple cheating to her friend.


  • This is what makes up the teasers of the scenes for "Spring Unsprung" is "Spring Unsprung" is NOT a true TV special, since it is not on television, and for those of people whom do not have Netflix.
  • This video is no longer available to watch on YouTube.


  1. Apple White
  2. Ashlynn Ella
  3. Blondie Lockes
  4. Holly O'Hair
  5. Duchess Swan
  6. Cerise Hood
  7. Raven Queen
  8. Hunter Huntsman
  9. Daring Charming
  10. Cedar Wood
  11. Poppy O'Hair
  12. Jack Horner