Spring Fairest is a RPG (role-playing game) themed to Kitty Cheshire. It was released on the Ever After High website on February 18, 2015, succeeding Enchanting Style and preceding Run Through the Woods. The game comprises of six levels with three mini games in each.


In-game, the player must use their mouse and drag in order for Kitty to walk around. She occasionally must avoid her classmates, who are always on the lookout and might catch her before she successfully pulls any pranks. In order to do that, Kitty must collect tickets and invisibility points for progressing to the next level. If a student catches her, one of the invisibility points' meter on the top left corner of the gameplay screen will deplete drastically if she stays in their sights. Kitty's moveable avatar will turn solid again only if she stays completely away from the students. Staying long enough or near them will result to a whole invisibility point's reduction, which the player must earn back by playing the mini-games.

Each level's mini-games eventually lead to harder ones in the next. The time may thin out (ie from two minutes to one minute) and the properties of winning each mini game will also progress to be more difficult. At the end of each level and all three mini-games are completed, there is always a special item that is obtained after completing the three mini games to do, or undo a prank. The player must lead Kitty to the specific destination where the said item is labelled at and be uncaught.

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