Snow Queen

The Snow Queen from the movie Epic Winter, which takes influences from the fairy tale of the same name, is Crystal Winter's mother and lives in an ice castle at the top of the world which she rules.



The Snow Queen is a loving and caring mother and wife. She is a bit more strict in the upbringing of Crystal but gives in to her husband. She is fun loving and as keen in ice hockey as her family.

Under the kindness blindness curse, she is angry and blames everything that goes wrong on her husband. She becomes a cold, uncaring mother who is disappointed in Crystal.


She has blonde and grey hair and blue eyes.


The Snow Queen's setting is her and her husband's Ice Castle at The Top Of The World. The Ice Castle is located above the clouds, behind a big, ice gate in the middle of large snow fields. There are amazing views of the starry sky and northern lights.



She is the wife of The Snow King and mother of Crystal Winter.

Fairy Tale

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