Epic Winter - Briar and Faybelle with pink spinning wheel

Sleeping Beauty, or more properly, The Sleeping Beauty (in French La Belle au bois dormant, literally "The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood" or "The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods") is a fairytale written by Charles Perault In the nineteenth century, and rewritten by the Brothers Grimm.


The story with a King and Queen having a child whom they had named "Briar Rose". For the christening, they had invited seven or in some versions thirteen fairies who gifted her with many gifts but when it was the last fairy's turn the Dark Fairy appeared angered because she was not invited to the christening so she cursed the child to prick her finger when she was fifteen and die. But when she left the last fairy couldn't reverse the spell but can do so partially by making her prick her finger and sleep for a hundred years. The King orders that all the spindles in the kingdom be burnt. Fifteen years later while the King and Queen are away, Briar is running in and out of the rooms until she finds a woman spinning a spindle. She decides she wants to try and she pricks her finger. The King and Queen return in time to place in her in a bed embroidered of gold and silver and they call for the fairies to see what will happen to her when she awakes she will awake from a kiss of true love and wake up all alone. So the fairies put the whole kingdom under a sleeping curse, and shields the castle with thorns. 100 years later the Prince shows and up and kisses her and wakes the entire kingdoms and married.

Ever After High Adaption

  • As seen in Thronecoming, a dark thorn monster was created to guard Sleeping Beauty and keep anyone from ever awakening her.
  • All generations of Sleeping Beauty will lose their friends due to sleeping for a hundred years.


  • A Sleeping Beauty festival is held every year to celebrate Sleeping Beauty. For two days, a sleeping spell is cast over the whole kingdom.


Sleeping Beauty (character) : Briar Beauty

Dark Fairy : Faybelle Thorn

The Prince: Unknown

Six Fairy Godmothers: Six Fairy Cheerhexers

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