The Shoemaker and The Elves are Ever After High book-only characters.


A troop of Shoemaker's Elves are the sandwich makers in Ever After High. Apple and Headmaster Grimm didn't like their sandwiches (Between two slices of bread, she could see a whole fish, pickles, and a thick layer of grape jelly. ), but Baba Yaga says "Looks fine to me" and eat one. The headmaster says elves are better at making shoes than sandwiches. The Storybook of Legends. In Cedar Wood's village The Shoemaker is one of the famous artist to lives in the main street. Through a window, she spotted the Shoemaker coming downstairs just as tiny elves scurried away, leaving beautiful shoes on the tabletop. Cedar Wood's Story



The Elves are small as a mice and dressed in tiny knit shirts, pants, and caps. They also squeak.


They are happy to one another and scurried around the counter making sandwiches. But Apple didn’t really count them as company. Shoemaker’s Elves were notoriously bad at conversation. The Shoemaker is a talented man who makes beautiful shoes.



The Shoemaker's Elves are friends to each other and to Shoemaker.

Fairy Tale

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