The Seven Dwarfs are character from the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" fairytale. After Snow White became Ever After's Queen, she hired 700 dwarves to be her butlers. The original seven live and work in the Snow White's Castle. They are named Snoozy, Snappy, Frank (nicknamed Pouty), Phil (nicknamed Sloppy), Dumpy and Achey. There are two female dwarves called Cassandra and Zelda.

Snappy and Snoozy - Thronecoming



Snoozy is always sleepy, while Sloppy is totally careless. All of the dwarves are very useful, kind, loyal and gentle.


Dwarves are short human-like creatures.


They are Snow White and Apple White's loyal lackeys.


Ever After High (I)

The Storybook of Legends Apple called to her dwarf lackeys, Snoozy, Snappy, Sloppy, and Pouty. She asks them to help her carry her trunks down.She says "Pouty, don’t you stick out that bottom lip, you silly.” and then Frank reply poutily saying “My name’s not Pouty.” She cheerily warns Sloppy to be careful, and he grumbled saying that his name is Phil. Apple laughed and called them sillies. She patted their heads, and they couldn’t help but smile. Apple White's Story When visiting her mother's castle, Apple greets the dwarves Zelda, Cassandra, and Dumpy, who were working there. The Unfairest of Them All


Snow White and Dwarves

Snoozy and Snappy are seen cheering for Apple White in the Thronecoming parade. Thronecoming Many dwarves are seen working for Snow White. Dragon Games