The Sea Witch is the mother of Coral Witch and the previous generation's sea witch from The Little Mermaid. She is still considered the sea witch in the sea kingdom but is tired of her role and wishes to become a singing sensation. An avid collector of voices, she covets Meeshell's voice for herself.



The Sea Witch is a vain, haughty and self-centered being with a high opinion of herself and her skills. Despite her air of haughtiness, she loathes her singing voice which is as "dark as a storm and as prickly as a sea urchin". It is because of this that she collects voices. She tries them on like hats. She also has a fierce temper that even her own daughter fears. While being part mermaid, she has no qualms about eating live sea creatures. She embraces her evil nature and destiny and like many witches, she cackles.


The Sea Witch has tangled black hair, black eyes, and a mermaid tail covered in red crab armor instead of fish scales. Barnacles grow on her earlobes.



The Sea Witch is confident in her daughter's abilities and has faith in her. However, her wants and needs come before Coral's.


She is an associate of the Evil Queen and has attended her meetings.


The Sea Witch can breathe and speak both above and below the waves, live comfortably under the water in fresh or saltwater, swim faster than any land creature and resist the coldness of the deep oceans. Her emotions can control water, influence the weather; create storms and make the whole ocean "bubble like a witch's cauldron". As a witch, she can cast spells and only she or her descendants have the power to turn mermaid tails into legs.

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