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Female students are gathered in Damsel-in-Distress class.
Male narrator: Damsel-in-distress class is in session.
Maid Marian: Now damsels, when you get rescued by your prince, you want to look your best. [Walks past.]
Raven Queen: Oh, gag. Like I'm gonna be worried about my hair if I'm about to become dragon chow.
Apple White: Well, if I⎯[A screeching noise plays and Apple jumps behind Raven, startled.]
Maid Marian:' That roar might have been dragons breathing down your necks if you were not paying better attention.
Apple White: [Politely.] So looking demure and harmless is our first line of defense?
Darling Charming: Rule 23: a damsel retains the element of surprise at all times.
Maid Marian: Oh, very good, Darling! A plus as usual. Our guest hero today will be Darling's big brother: Daring Charming!
Ashlynn, Blondie, and Cedar: [Swoon-like and dreamily.] So charming!
Raven Queen: [Dry-wittedly.] Yay Daring.
Maid Marian: Darling, be a dear and go fetch your brother.
Darling Charming: [Curtsies.] Why, certainly!
Female narrator: [Darling finds her knight's armor in a hollow tree. She sneaks in.] What is she doing? She's supposed to find the hero of this story! [Darling inspects her helmet.]
Male narrator: It may be that she just did. [Darling has an idea.]

A mechanical dragon is being wheeled in to Raven back in Damsel-in-Distress class.
Raven Queen: [Reading boringly from a script.] Oh - save me, or, whatever. [Shoulders slump.] Really? Is this gonna be on the midterm? [Raven's MirrorPad beeps and she lets out a gasp.] The dragon of Withering Heights is coming to get us all! There's a level five dragon alert! [Raven peeks from behind the boulder she's behind and finds a dragon not far away swooping in. Everyone gasps.]
The dragon fiercely lands on the ground, then breathes fire and lights the mechanical dragon on fire. Everyone runs for cover. After being reduced to ashes, Maid Marian finds a knight walking up to the dragon to defend them.
Maid Marian: Our hero has arrived!
Raven Queen: [Hides her face in her hands but looks up.] Daring?!
The knight picks Raven up and brings her behind them, where Raven runs to shelter as well. Back to the knight and the dragon, the dragon attempts attacking the knight by breathing fire at it. The knight deflects it with their shield and charges at the dragon's tail. The dragon roars and shakes it, however the knight doesn't let go. The dragon then takes off from the ground and tries throwing the knight off. Eventually, it opens its mouth and fires at its own tail to get the knight off. At the right moment, the knight releases their self and the dragon ends up burning its own tail. The dragon lets out a whimper and dives off the rock, sparing the students and the knight.
Maid Marian: [Fanning herself.] Oh, my. How charming. You certainly live up to your name, Daring! [The knight salutes out of respect.]
Fade to Daring later at school, who is admiring himself in his mirror. Girls horde Daring and he is being picked up by them.
Daring Charming: [Excitedly.] Hey, watch the hair! Ho-ho! What did I do this time? [Points to Darling.] Hey, Darling! This seems to be happening more and more and I don't know why! [Darling playfully rolls her eyes at his comment.] Be glad you're a damsel, little sis. See what us heroes have to put up with?
Darling Charming: [Giggle.] You poor thing. [Darling sees that she forgot to shut her locker, which stores the knight's armor. She shuts it and walks warily to class afterwards.]
Female narrator: Class dismissed.

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