Darling Charming uncovers her heroic side after a wild dragon sets his sights on her friends forever after.


Attending Damsel-in-Distressing is the vital part of future damsels' education. Raven Queen on the other hand, couldn't care less. Maid Marian then prompts the class's star pupil, Darling Charming, to fetch her brother to play as a knight in their class. When walking to find her brother, Darling finds her secret suit of armor hidden inside a hollow tree. Instead of the original intention of finding her brother, Darling plans on showing up to Damsel-in-Distressing in her suit of armor.

In the middle of her class, Raven gets an alert from her MirrorPad, warning everyone that a dragon is approaching them. Right on time, the White Knight (which Raven suspects is Daring,) swoops in and protects them.

The next few days have passed since then and word gets around that Daring somehow did yet another heroic act. Darling, knowing that she was the one who rescued the girls, playfully rolls her eyes at Daring's comment and hides her suit of armor in her locker. She walks away for her next class.


  1. Male narrator
  2. Maid Marian
  3. Darling Charming
  4. Ashlynn Ella
  5. Blondie Lockes
  6. Cedar Wood
  7. Raven Queen
  8. Apple White
  9. Female narrator
  10. White Knight
  11. Daring Charming