Sandella is Ashlynn Ella’s pet phoenix. They met when the second-year students summoned animal companions in the Enchanted Forest. Ashlynn has referred to Sandella as her "darling". As she possesses phoenix powers, she is able to be reborn from her ashes.



  • Sandella's name can have a variety of meanings:
    • The "Sandel" section of her name could be a pun on the word "sandal", as Ashlynn Ella, her owner, has a love for shoes.
    • Alternatively, "Sandella" could be a pun on "Cinderella". As sand and cinder are both gravel materials derived from rocks, "sand" replaces "cinder" in the name.
  • Blondie Lockes once was turned into a Phoenix by Briar Beauty, then it was shown how the is the appearance of a phoenix in the show.

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