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At San Diego Comic-Con International, usually one of the rewards for visiting the stands and attending events is access to exclusive merchandise. With Ever After High High's presence at the convention, it is no different. The highlight of exclusive Ever After High High merchandise to obtain is the yearly exclusive doll, but it's far from the only thing. Tote bags are a recurring piece of merchandise too, but everything else is changed each year.


Main article: Cerise Wolf

The exclusive of 2014 is Cerise Wolf, the what if counterpart of Cerise Hood.


Main article: Raven Queen

The exclusive of 2015 is Raven Queen, The Evil Queen.

Dolls available for display are 'Heartstruck' C.A. Cupid, 'Royally Ever After' Apple White, and a 17'' 'Signature - Rebels' Madeline Hatter doll.


Main article: Cedar Wood

The exclusive of 2016 is Cedar Wood, as a puppet.

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