Not a doll line in the normal sense of the word, the exclusive dolls Mattel produces to celebrate Ever After High's presence at San Diego Comic-Con International do share several characteristics in promotion, availability, and even accessories. The dolls are part of the bigger collection of Ever After High San Diego Comic-Con International merchandise, though they are easily the most significant part.

Currently, there is one San Diego Comic-Con International doll, SDCCI doll for short, in existence.



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The announcement and first photos of the 2014 exclusive, a what if Cerise Hood doll embracing her father's destiny instead of her mother's, were released on June 2nd on Facebook. Cerise comes with a diary detailing how she fell into some Nightmare Fog, trapping herself inside her greatest fear: what would happen if anyone found out her family's secret. In the nightmare, Cerise decides to embrace being the Big Bad Wolf's daughter and shows off her new look in the castleteria, where the students clap her. However, when summoned to Headmaster Grimm's office her parents are there, and are vanished by the Headmaster's mirror because they strayed from their destiny. Cerise tries begging Headmaster Grimm, but begins disappearing also, when she is woken by Raven and Maddie before the nightmare can finish.


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Preview images on Facebook about the doll's SDCC debut were posted on May 14. Although this doll does not come with a diary to show, there is a back-of-the-box description on why Raven suddenly had a change of heart. Despite being a kindhearted individual, Raven believed that following her destiny might lead to the truth of herself and her heritage.


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Facebook - Cerise Wolf first look Facebook - Daughter of the Evil Queen Doll stockphotography - Cedar SDCC
Cerise Wolf Raven Queen Cedar Wood

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