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San Diego Comic-Con International, commonly referred to as simply Comic-Con and a variety of other abbreviations, began in 1970 as a comic-focused convention, but has since then grown to be a major annual event to promote numerous media franchises and their products, be they toys, comics, TV shows, movies, etc. It is held from Thursday to Sunday in July, in San Diego, California, United States, these days at the San Diego Convention Center.

Unlike the American International Toy Fair, which is more business-oriented, San Diego Comic-Con International is meant for the public, though passes to get into the convention tend to sell out within a few hours. Visitors can expect to be treated to sneak-previews of and the scoop on upcoming products, creator panels, special contests, and the chance to buy exclusive merchandise created just for the convention.

Though Monster High was present at Comic-Con in the same year the franchise launched, Ever After High skippped 2013 convention-wise. The franchise's debut presence at Comic-Con occurred in 2014.


Date July 24-27
Attendees Erin Fitzgerald
Exclusives Cerise Hood
New display ???
Old display ???
Merch display ???


Date July 09-12
Attendees Erin Fitzgerald
Exclusives Raven Queen
New display 'Signature': Madeline Hatter 17'', Justine Dancer
Heartstruck: C.A. Cupid
Royally Ever After: Apple White
Old display Through the Woods: Ashlynn Ella, Blondie Lockes, C.A. Cupid, Poppy O'Hair
Merch display ???


Date July 21-24
Exclusives Cedar Wood

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