Run Through the Woods is a running game themed to Cerise Hood. It was released on the Ever After High website on April 29, 2015, succeeding Spring Fairest and preceding Fabulous Fashions. The game comprises of ten levels in total and users are rewarded 150 gold charms for playing.


In the game, the player is able to use either their mouse dragging or left and right arrow keys to maneuver Cerise left or right around three lanes in order to avoid tall obstacles (specifically boulders) and collect special charms, which improve the overall ranking for the next level, or four unique power-ups which will all eventually proceed to level completion. Using the up arrow key or dragging their mouse up will both suffice for her jumping over short obstacles. In the same context, pressing the down arrow key or dragging their mouse down will also work for ducking under obstacles. Entering the Enchanted Forest state will allow Cerise to obtain bonus charms. In each level, Cerise is given three lives.

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