Rugsy is a 2013-introduced and prose-only character. He is student at Ever After High, who is of unclear allegiance in the Royal/Rebel conflict. He was once expelled by Headmaster Grimm over a misunderstanding in Book End, but that decision has been revoked as the headmaster was swayed by the decision of the students. Rugsy is the villain to an unspecified tale. Like most ogres, he resides in Ogretown.



Unlike other people's perceptions of Rugsy, he nothing but an ogre with a kind heart. Rugsy is supportive and helpful to others, making him likable among the Rebel crowd.


Although specifics are yet to be clarified regarding his outlook, as an ogre, Rugsy has a gruff appearance to him.

Fairy tale

It is unknown as to which fairytale Rugsy will play out, but it is determined that he is the villain.



Rosabella Beauty and Cerise Hood stick up for Rugsy and were the ones who brought him back to Ever After High and encouraged everyone to follow them. Rugsy and Mocky seem to get along, as they are both classmates in General Villainy and often get paired together.


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