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A normal day at school, Rosabella walks down the halls and a few people greet her.
Female narrator: Rosabella Beauty, daughter of Beauty and the Beast, is a very special girl. [Goats bleat at Rosabella, who opens her locker and gives them her apples.]
Male narrator: She especially loves the beasts - great and small, cute and... well, not so cute. [Rosabella gives an apple to an aardvark and kisses its head.]
Darling Charming: [Darling enters.] Rosabella, how can you kiss an aardvark? They're so eww! [Shudders and grimaces.]
Rosabella Beauty: All animals are beautiful to me, Darling.
Faybelle Thorn:' [Faybelle flies in.] Ugh, pixie sticks! Professor Rumpelstiltskin gave me detention! Now, I have to spin straw into gold all afternoon! Like, some kind of...⎯
Rosabella Beauty: Beast of burden?
Faybelle Thorn: Yeah! Like some kind of beast of burden, so unfair! Just a beast of⎯[She gasps and snaps her fingers.] burden!

Rosabella and Darling walk together and find Hunter calling for his pet squirrel, Pesky.
Hunter Huntsman: Pesky! [To Rosabella and Darling.] Have you girls seen my squirrel Pesky? He normally meets me after school and, [Worriedly.] this is so not like him!
Rosabella Beauty: Calm down, we can help. [Runs to a bench and stands on it.] People! We have an emergency! A beloved creature is missing!
Students: [Gasp.] My gecko is missing too!
Rosabella Beauty: Okay, let's get organized. Break up into search parties. We meet back here at the flag pole in twenty. [Students run in different directions and try to find the missing animals.]

Students attempt searching the croquet fields, but are in no luck.

They then find a female troll, who is bathing, and ask her but she is clueless.

They try searching the library.
Meanwhile, Raven and Apple are taking pictures of Hunter, showing both his confidence and worry. Apple takes a picture of a heroic Hunter, while Raven takes a picture of Hunter crying, which makes Apple annoyed. Raven smirks at her.
Rosabella Beauty: Anybody, any luck?
Ashlynn Ella: I tried getting my animal friends to help find the missing animals, but they're missing to!
Rosabella Beauty: We have to use our heads.
Cerise Hood: Or, our noses! Follow me!
Cerise leads them down a winding staircase and kicks a door open, revealing Faybelle forcing the three billy goats gruff to spin the gold for her.
Faybelle Thorn: [Gasp.] It's not what it looks like! Okay, it is what is looks like, but Rumpelstiltskin wants twenty bales of hay spun into gold; how was I supposed to do it alone?
Rosabella Beauty: [Angrily.] You've crossed the line, Faybelle! Creatures aren't your servants!
Hunter Huntsman: [Pesky jumps into his arms.] Pesky! Aww, I was worried sick!
Faybelle Thorn: I guess you think I'm a bad fairy.
Rosabella Beauty: [She puts a reassuring hand on Faybelle's shoulder.] I see some good in you.
Rumpelstiltskin: And I see double detention! Your punishment is to clean out the unicorn stables for a month! [Hands Faybelle a shovel and cackles.]

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