Rosabella organizes a page-ripping search party after Faybelle casts a devious spell over the enchanted forest animals.


A normal day at Ever After High, Rosabella Beauty is being courted by her animal friends for a snack. She gives the three billy goats gruff her apples, and even kisses an aardvark on the head after giving it one apple as well. Darling doesn't see how Rosabella can be able to love animals—disgusting ones at that. Rosabella claims that all animals matter to her. Shortly after, Faybelle Thorn flies in, grumbling about a detention she's obtained from Rumpelstiltskin, as she has to spin twenty bales of hay into gold for him as punishment.

Later, Rosabella and Darling find Hunter at the school courtyard calling for his pet Pesky, whom he cannot find anywhere. Rosabella gathers up the students and creates search parties, as it becomes apparent that not only Pesky is missing. Students search high and low for the missing animals, but are in no luck. They then regroup, but this time Cerise decides on helping them, using her sharpened scent to search for the animals.

Cerise leads the group into a winding staircase in a basement somewhere, and kicks the door in front of her down. Rosabella and the students are shocked to find Faybelle using animals as her servants to finish spinning the hay into gold. Angered, Rosabella frees the animals and acknowledges what Faybelle's done as unacceptable. Regretting her actions, Faybelle seems apologetic and Rosabella gets her message she's trying to convey. Rumpelstiltskin appears and gives Faybelle double detention as her punishment.


  1. Male narrator
  2. Melody Piper
  3. Lilly-Bo Peep
  4. Rosabella Beauty
  5. Three billy goats gruff
  6. Darling Charming
  7. Faybelle Thorn
  8. Hunter Huntsman
  9. Dexter Charming
  10. Hopper Croakington II
  11. Apple White
  12. Raven Queen
  13. Ashlynn Ella
  14. Cerise Hood
  15. Pesky
  16. Rumpelstiltskin



  • Properly, this webisode has non-canon defaults because according to Rosabella's profile bio under her section of her special talent or "magic touch", she should NOT have the inability to not be able to see people, whether humans or any other being for who they are. In other words, she'd be able to know about Faybelle's plan.


  • The webisode was posted a week after the previous webisode, not on its usual biweekly schedule.
  • This webisode was posted as "Rosabella's Animal Rescue" on YouTube and alternatively titled "Beauty and the Beasts" on the Ever After High website.