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Maddie and Raven are walking together in the halls.
Madeline Hatter: Come on Raven, what's the hatter?
Raven Queen: It's Apple. She's really upset about Legacy Day. I wish I could do something to make Apple feel better.
Madeline Hatter: Like all fairytale princesses, she needs an arch enemy to be the yin to her yang and make her feel complete.
Raven Queen: So, I just need to find someone to take my place as Apple's storybook nemesis!
Pig #3: Um... I'll do it! It's always been my dream to be the evilest pig this school ever saw! [He smacks a locker to prove his point but snorts in pain.] Bum, bum, buuuum! [Blows a punch.] Ha!

Pig #3: [Enters.] Hey, Raven! I did something diabolical! I switched the yellow mustard for the brown mustard! Mu-hu-hu-ha-ha-ha!
Dexter Charming: [Walks past Raven and the little pig.] Wow, these hot dogs are great!
Daring Charming: I know! I think it's the new mustard...
The little pig snorts in annoyance.

Pig #3: [He pushes in a pair of helium tanks.] Okay, okay. I'm gonna drop dangerous, gas-filled balloons on unsuspecting students! Bum, bum, buuuuum! [He weakly cackles as he hops over to the balloons.]
Raven Queen: Really? Uh, what kind of gas did you fill them with?
Pig #3: Helium.
Raven Queen: Okay, helium is not dangerous. It does this...[Unties a helium-filled balloon and it goes up.]
Pig #3: [Gasps in amazement.]
Apple White: [Apple enters.] I heard you're trying to find an evil replacement to make me happy! That is so mean!
Raven Queen: ...Excuse me?
Apple White: You and I are supposed to be frenemies!
Raven Queen: But I don't want to! [Apple sighs in annoyance, folds her arms and turns her back to Raven.] I wanna choose my own destiny!
Pig #3: Girls?
Raven Queen: Why can't you understand that? [In the background, the little pig ties the balloons on the rail to his waist and slowly floats upwards.]
Pig #3: Girls?
Apple White: I can't believe you're doing this!
Pig #3: GIRLS! [Apple and Raven both gasp.] Hi. [Waves.] I don't wanna be an Evil Queen anymore.
Raven Queen: Didn't you say that this was your big dream?
Pig #3: Oh, oh that? That was this morning. [Snorts.] Now, I wanna be...a balloonatic! Bum, bum, buuuuum!
Raven facepalms.
Male narrator: And so, the struggle continues at Ever After High. Maybe things will just magically work out.
Female narrator: Yeah, when pigs fly.
Pig #3: Ha ha ha!

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