The Red Shoes are magical items who appears in Justine Dancer's diary. Duchess Swan used them to cheat in a dance contest. They are cursed shoes who also appears in the famous fairytale "The Red Shoes"


They make anyone who wears them dance flawlessly forever after. Well, it means really forever.


Justine gets to audition for talent shows and decides to try out for So You're Destined to Dance and gets in. Duchess, another competitor in So You're Destined to Dance, discovers the existence of the legendary red shoes. She plans on cheating her way through the competition. In attempt to stop Duchess from stealing the red shoes, Justine tries stopping her but is accused of cheating by Duchess. Cerise rescues her in the nick of time. Justine finds out that Ramona was looking out for her. Cerise reminds Justine to not lose sight on what's important and still try her best even if she's competing against the red shoes on Duchess. The next morning, Justine calls in Farrah, Raven, and Poppy to help her for her next competitive performance. Duchess dances first and suspiciously doesn't stop even after her performance. Next, Justine performs with the help of her friends. Her performance wows the audience and the judge, who gives her the title of best dancer. Justine Dancer's diary.

Fairy Tale

Main article: The Red Shoes


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