Little Red Riding Hood (first name: Red) is the protagonist of Little Red Riding Hood. She and her family reside together in the Dark Forest - specifically, in Hood Hollow. Going against the rules, she and the wolf fell in love and had children. Her nickname is Red, which is most called in the book series (Shannon Hale version). But "Red" may be her real first name, though.


In English, she is voiced by Wendee Lee.
In Latin American Spanish, she is voiced by Maggie Vera.



Red Riding Hood is a generous and caring person. She is benevolent and sensible.


She constantly wears a red hood over her head. She has chestnut-colored hair and fair skin. This is mainly her appearance in the webisode series.

Fairy tale

Main article: Little Red Riding Hood



In secret, she married the Big Bad Wolf. Ever After solely knows that Cerise Hood is her daughter. Unbeknownst to the community, Ramona Badwolf is also her daughter under the name of her husband.


Chapter 2

Red Riding Hood is accompanied by Badwolf and Cerise as they have a picnic together in the woods. Hunter Huntsman butts in, with Red Riding Hood going along with Cerise's plan to lead him away. Cerise's Picnic Panic


Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf - Class of Classics

Raven Queen and Cerise both visit Red Riding Hood, who tells them the story about how she met Badwolf. The Unfairest of Them AllIt's shows how Red Riding and Big Bad Wolf started to date. The Class of Classics

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