The Red Queen is a likely associate of Courtly Jester and Wonderland High. She has ties with the Wonderland monarchs as well, such as the White Queen and the Queen of Hearts. Normally by her side is the Red Knight, her adopted son.


In English, the Red Queen is voiced by Karen Strassman.



The Red Queen is a shrill woman who usually doesn't abide the rules of a regular chess game. She knows what she wants and she manipulates others to do it for her. 


She has a slim face, pale white skin, and dark gray hair tied back in a low bun streaked with white and dark red. Her eyes are dark gray and she has red eyeshadow and onyx eyebrows. She wears a pale red and white Elizabethan gown with ruffles and royal red separate sleeves. She accessorizes with a bejeweled dark crimson crown.

Fairy tale

Main article: Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There



She is the adoptive mother of Chase Redford, also known as the Red Knight.


TV specials

She appears on the un-chess board. Way Too Wonderland


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