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In the charmitorium, Raven walks up to the stage for her rehearsal.
Milton Grimm: Raven Queen. What evil act are you going to perform for this year's talent show? [Raven starts playing.] ...No, no, no no Miss Queen! This music is too… nice. If you will not give a performance suitable to a student your destiny―!
Raven Queen: Since my story didn't exactly go "poof", I think it's safe to change it up. *chuckles* do something, you know - not evil?
Milton Grimm: Nevertheless, Sparrow Hood has already signed up to play the guitar.
Sparrow Hood: [He starts singing and slides onstage.] Sparrow's gonna show you up big time! OW!
Raven Queen: But I've been practicing my guitar solo for a month!
Sparrow Hood: [Singing.] Practice is for losers! Oh!
Raven Queen: [Purple flames encircle her as she's been annoyed.] Ugh...bring it on like fairy song! [She throttles Sparrow.] Uh, I mean..
Milton Grimm: That's more evil! [Writes her name down.]

Raven is practicing by the stairs with Maddie, who enjoys her music.
Sparrow Hood: Yeah!!

Raven practices with Cedar by the fountain.
Sparrow Hood: Yeah!!

Raven is concurrently eating lunch and practicing using her MirrorPad. Sparrow knocks it down obnoxiously.
Sparrow Hood: Yeah!!

In the charmitorium, Cedar's act comes to a close.
Madeline Hatter: That was Cedar Wood and her little friend Splinter. Who oddly enough can only lie!

The judges give a nearly-perfect score to Cedar. Next up: a guitar solo by Raven Queen.

Crowd: [Clapping and cheering.]
C.A. Cupid: Raven is spelltacular!
Sparrow Hood: Not for long. [Cupid gasps.]
Sparrow Hood: [He slides on the stage and raises a platform slightly.] Yeah!!!
Raven Queen: That's it!! [Raven releases her flames and raises a platform above him.] I told the headmaster that I didn't want to do anything evil, but sometimes, [She starts playing a rock solo and immediately the crowd is hectic. She transforms her outfit and loudspeakers appear in the background.] you gotta let your bad side out!
Crowd: [Loud cheering.]
Milton Grimm: Sooo evil!
Sparrow attempts a stage dive to steal the spotlight again, but fails.
Raven Queen: It pays to practice!

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