Raven Queen and Sparrow Hood go head-to-head in a wicked awesome guitar duel at the annual school talent show.


Raven wishes to perform a guitar solo during the school's talent show. She demonstrates her act during the entry rounds, but Headmaster Grimm discourages her from going through with it, since it's not "evil". As well, Sparrow Hood has already signed up with a guitar solo, which would make their acts an unnecessary form of competition. As if on cue, Sparrow shows up and shows off his guitar skills, promising that he will make her look like an amateur. Raven is undaunted and signs up with a guitar solo anyway.

Wanting to make her entry worth it, Raven keeps practicing her melody until the talent show whenever she has time. She lets her friends hear her play to test how she's doing, and all of them adore her music. However, whenever she practices anywhere public, Sparrow obnoxiously interrupts with a loud sound of his own. Raven quietly bears with it.

At the talent show, Cedar precedes Raven with a puppetry act and gets a nearly perfect score for it. When it's Raven's turn, she plays her long-practiced melody, pleasing the entire audience with the serene sound of it. But as before, Sparrow is lurking nearby and he's not about to let Raven be even during the actual event. He steps on stage and ruins her act with a rock solo, which has the crowd cheering louder than they did for Raven. Pushed well beyond her patience, Raven finally allows herself to be angry and uses her magic to raise the platform she's standing on to tower over Sparrow. As well, she summons two huge speakers and changes her outfit, following it all up with a rock solo of her own. Sparrow still attempts to beat her by doing a stage-dive, but he misses her platform and crashes. Everyone loves Raven's act and her efforts are rewarded with a perfect score.


  1. Dexter Charming
  2. Raven Queen
  3. Milton Grimm
  4. Lizzie Hearts
  5. Blondie Lockes
  6. Lilly-Bo Peep
  7. Son of the Hero of Haarlem
  8. Sparrow Hood
  9. Ashlynn Ella
  10. Hunter Huntsman
  11. Madeline Hatter
  12. Cedar Wood
  13. Daring Charming
  14. Kitty Cheshire
  15. Earl Grey
  16. Briar Beauty
  17. C.A. Cupid
  18. Hopper Croakington II
  19. Apple White




  • The outfit Raven wears for the talent show while she plays the guitar after saying she doesn't want to do anything evil is so far unidentified with any doll lines.