Rapunzel is the main character from the fairytale with same name. She is also the mother of Holly O'Hair and Poppy O'Hair. She appears in the book Truth or Hair.




She is a very comprehensive and protective mother. She left her daughters under the care of Nanny Nona in the Rapunzel Tower, where Nona mixed the twins birth certificates, making Holly believe that she was the oldest.


She has pale white skin, and a very long blond hair. She wears pink-based clothes and a veil. She wears a medium golden crown.

Fairy Tale

Main article: Rapunzel



She is the mother of Holly O'Hair and Poppy O'Hair, and they have a very good relationship. She is married with a unknown prince who "saved" her from her tower prison.

Rapunzel prince


She trusts Nanny Nona a lot since she left her daughters in her care.


Ever After High (II)

Rapunzel visits her daughters at their room and says she knew all about the twins secret and accepts it. Only after her visit, does the twins hair grow back to their normal place.


One picture of her briefly appears in Thronecoming.


According to the photo of her in the "Thronecoming" TV special, she has blond hair like her the appearance characters named Rapunzel for the Rapunzel character are usually portrayed with, while her daughters, Holly and Poppy O'Hair have auburn hair.

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