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Ramona Badwolf debuted in the cartoon series in the Chapter 4 TV special "Dragon Games", which premiered on January 29, 2016.

Chapter 4


Moonlight mystery - Ramona fdb
Ramona tells Justine, Blondie, Ashlynn, and Humphrey that they are wasting their time by relying on technology to catch the shoe thief. Her blunt, cold demeanor causes the girls so be suspicious. When suspected she shoots down their suspicions. The thief gets away with the shoes but Ramona easily hears in her sleep and chases after her. She learns that Justine has been sleepwalking/sleepdancing and she "stole" her own shoes. Justine and the girls apologize to Ramona. Moonlight Mystery

Ramona assists together with the other students to the test of Jillian, in which the girl has to climb a beanstalk. After parachuting down, everyone was so impressed, even Coach Gingerbreadman claimed she broke a new record. Beanstalk Bravado

In A Big Bad Secret, she competes and argues with her little sister, Cerise Hood.

TV specials

Dragon Games - Ramona is determined
Ramona runs through the halls of Ever After High, trying to escape from the thorns unleashed by the Evil Queen, and spots her father getting tangled in them. Though she's worried, Cerise comes to their rescue. Ramona later watches Blondie's MirrorCast. She then walks around the outdoor patio with her sister Cerise and with Rosabella Beauty. Dragon Games


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TV special gallery

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