Queen Pearl is Meeshell Mermaid's mother and the previous Little Mermaid. She and her husband rules the Sea Kingdom.


Pearl became human because she loved the surface world, but with a price: she became human forever and lost her voice to the Sea Witch. She did fall in love but her prince agreed to go with her into the sea. Their love broke the witch's spell, Pearl regained her voice and tail and the prince lived with her below the waves. Because she regained her voice, the Sea Witch must wait for Pearl's daughter to become human permanently so the witch can gain a mermaid's beautiful voice. Fairy Tale Ending.


She is a curious and seemingly naive person. She also have a beautiful voice. She have a collection of surface things. She wants the best for her daughter.


She is a mermaid, who like her daughter, have a pink hair.



She is the mother of Meeshell Mermaid. She is also married with a prince, the Meeshell's father, who studied at Ever After High.


Main article: The Little Mermaid


She gives assistance to Meeshell on her move to Ever After High. She gives to her daughter human clothes from her collection of surface things. Fairy Tail Ending

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