Dragon Games - Prince of Scales

Prince of Scales is a dragon that appears in the TV special "Dragon Games". Prince of Scales is able to breathe fire and can fly with his big wings. He is one of Legend's newborn babies that was grown into an adult dragon.



Grown dragon

Prince of Scales is a dragon with green eyes and long lashes. Prince of Scales overall bears a bright and tri-colored complexion. Around his chest area, he has golden swirls parted by small pink flowers. Golden curves run down his front while pink scales run down his back. Prince of Scales has a small tuft of purple fur at the back of his head. He has purple and pink gradient wings and feet.

Baby dragon

He looks similar to his grown self, the only striking difference being less fur and a less-intricate pattern on his chest. Typically, Prince of Scales is smaller in size and his horns, tail, and wings, are of small size.

In Chapter 4

Prince of Scales hatches from Legend's egg. He is seen resisting being pulled on a leash by Lizzie Hearts, his owner. Lizzie keeps trying to pull him, and his leash breaks off. Prince of Scales snuggles up against Lizzie when she falls down, and Lizzie smiles. But because he made Lizzie fall down, Lizzie is injured and now he has to go with Holly O'Hair. Prince of Scales gets tangled up with a purple baby dragon later on, and he is then seen eating the dragon food with the growth formula. He is then seen coming out with Holly to play the Dragon Games. Prince of Scales is then seen playing with Holly for Snow White's team by flying and playing fairly. Dragon Games — Hatch the Dragons He is then seen fighting with Lizzie for the part of winning against the Evil Queen's plans. Dragon Games – Battle the Queen