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A carriage stops in front of the school and a girl gets off of it.
Female narrator: Look! It's Poppy O'Hair! [She flicks her hair.] Twin sister to Holly O'Hair, [Poppy turns around and Holly gives her a hug.] and daughter of Rapunzel. [The two sisters enter the school.] And it's her first day at Ever After High. She doesn't have a legacy. Holly got the Rapunzel legacy because she's older by a hair.
Male narrator: You always get to say the interesting part!

In Baba Yaga's office, she is assigning class schedules at the same time.
Baba Yaga: Have you decided on your classes?
Poppy O'Hair: I'm sorry, but no. On one hand, Magicology sounds like a blast! Literally. But Hero Training sounds hexcellent too! Who wouldn't wanna spar with a dragon?
Baba Yaga: Well, Poppy, you must choose today. Classes start tomorrow.

Holly O'Hair: [Runs up to Poppy.] How'd it go with Baba Yaga?
Poppy O'Hair: I kinda got throne for a loop. She said I had to choose a destiny by the end of the day.
Holly O'Hair: Maybe it'll help if you ask everyone what they love about their sides of the story! [She puts a hand on Poppy's shoulder.]
Poppy O'Hair: Thanks, Holly! You're fableous. [Hugs Holly.]

Apple is the first to be interviewed. Poppy and her sit together in the castleteria.
Apple White: Being a Royal isn't easy - you have to work hard to keep your kingdom happy! [Poppy scribbles down notes.] But, you do get to date princes and live in enchanting castles—of course, you may have to eat a poison apple to get there.

Outside, Poppy interviews Tiny.
Tiny: If you're a Rebel, you don't have to be bad. [Poppy writes.] Or dislike beanstalks, or the people who climb them.

On top of a balcony, Poppy interviews Briar who is getting ready for ziplining.
Briar Beauty: Well, if you're a Royal, you live everyday to its fullest! Woohoo!!! [She jumps off.]
Cerise Hood: [Cerise enters.] But isn't it more important to be who you want, and not hide who you really are?
Poppy O'Hair: Totally wicked point. [She reaches out to Cerise's hair and she backs away.] Who did your highlights?
Cerise Hood: mom, ugh... [She puts on a helmet and gets on a zipline.] Gotta go! [Ziplines away.]

Holly O'Hair: So...have you made your choice?
Poppy O'Hair: Well, I've decided... I'm not gonna decide on a side!
Students: [All gasp.]
Baba Yaga: Wait a spell! You must choose something.
Poppy O'Hair: After talking with everyone it's clear: [Everyone walks toward Poppy.] being a Rebel or a Royal is totally hexciting! So, I'm going to flip the script [She hands her notes to Baba Yaga.] and choose both sides.
Students: [Cheering.]
Daring Charming: I like your style. I've been trying to decide my [Holds out one mirror.] best side, and I choose both [Holds out another one.] too. [Poses.]

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