Pinocchio is the previous main character of the "Adventures of Pinocchio" fairy tale. He's also the father of Cedar Wood. He asked the Blue-Haired Fairy that Cedar be cursed to tell only the truth.



He's a brown-skinned man, with dark hair. He wears a white shirt and orange shorts with suspenders.


He used to be a liar and a disobedient boy when he was young, but now he really prioritizes the truth.


He's now working at his father's wood shop. His favorites foods are bread, fruitcake, sardines and humble pie, which can be bought at Old Mother Hubbard's market.



He is the son of Gepetto, and the father of Cedar Wood. He considers Blue-Haired Fairy like a mother.


Pinocchio and King Charming
When he was young, he was friends with King Charming. Now he and Raven's dad, the Good King, are friends.
Pinocchio Thronecoming


Cedar Wood and her father, Pinocchio, host a visit from Raven Queen and the Good King. Raven Queen's Story He went down the stairs, said "good morning" to Cedar and kissed the top of her head. So Pinocchio and his father, Gepetto, along with his daughter Cedar have breakfast. Cedar Wood's Story He comforts King Charming because of his crush on Goldilocks. The Class of Classics

Fairy Tale

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