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In a cookery establishment some place in Book End, Blondie announces via MirrorCast that she is to move on to the Mad Hatter's tea shop.
Blondie Lockes: Today, I'll be reviewing that Book End favorite: the Wonderland Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe!
Madeline Hatter: [Views from MirrorPad.] Blondie Lockes is coming here? She's the toughest critic ever after!
Earl Grey jumps frmo her shoulder to her hat and quivers.
Raven Queen: [She puts her hand on Maddie's shoulder.] We got some time. Maybe we could tone down know, wonder?
C.A. Cupid: Aren't you just the cutest little—[She reaches a finger out but the butterfly's head enlarges.] aghh!
Cerise Hood: We better get to work.
Madeline Hatter: If you guys say so... [She clicks her fingers and the butterfly returns back to normal. She shrugs.] Oh.

Around Madeline, her friends are catching the floating objects and have totally transformed her tea shop into a mundane-looking coffee shop.
Madeline Hatter: [Dully.] Welcome to the Wonderland Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe.
Blondie Lockes: I have to say, Maddie, [Takes the menu that Madeline is holding and sits down.] this is not exactly what I hexpected!
Madeline Hatter: Well, this is family's tea shop! No wonder or madness here. [She takes the menu away.] What can I get you?
Blondie Lockes: Hmm... Umm...
The butterfly appears behind Blondie but Cupid catches it just in time. Madeline's face lights up a bit but her smile vanishes as soon as the butterfly's gone.

I think I'll have the Charmed-Chai Tea and a Wonderland nut bar.

Blondie Lockes: Can I get a refill?
Madeline Hatter: Sure... [She uses her finger and a teapot gets led over to Blondie. Raven runs after it.]
Raven Queen: [Gasp.] Whoa! [Giggling as she attempts shakily pouring in tea for Blondie.]
The teapot turns into its original form and floats next to Blondie.
Blondie Lockes: Is that a floating tea kettle?
Madeline Hatter: Yes, it is! And there's so much madness and wonder to discover here! These clocks all keep the wrong time, and those doors transport to new and wonder-iffic places. And this is the real Wonderland Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe, and I don't care if we get a bad review, 'cause to me, this place is hat-tastic!
Blondie Lockes: Huh.
Blondie Lockes: At first, the Wonderland Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe seemed boring. But then, they let loose the madness, and it became ever after awesome! [She puts her hands on her face to emphasize.] This tea shop is just right!
Girls: [Cheering.]
Blondie Lockes: Aww, aren't you adorable?
C.A. Cupid: No, wait!
Blondie Lockes: [Screaming.]

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