Maddie and her friends try to tone down the wonder of her family tea shop before Blondie Lockes arrives to film a review. They soon discover the shop is tea-riffic just the way it is.


Blondie announces that the next food establishment up for review is the Mad Hatter of Wonderland’s Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe. Madeline is nervous, because Blondie is known as a very tough critic. Her friends assure her that she doesn't need to worry, because they still have time to tone down the wonder of the shop to please Blondie. As if proving a point, a butterfly flies up to Cupid and scares her by suddenly enlarging its head.

Though it takes some work, the group finishes redecorating the shop just before Blondie and Dexter enter. Blondie reacts with mild disappointment to the typical appearance of the shop, but, encouraged by her friends, Maddie guarantees this is what it always looks like. Blondie accepts this and orders tea with a snack, soon after asking if a refill is possible. In utter boredom, Madeline forgets the act and sends a floating tea kettle to Blondie. Raven chases after it to pretend to be holding it, but the kettle is stronger and breaks free. Noticing the floating tea kettle, Blondie responds with amazement and Madeline decides to call an end to the charade.

At the snap of her fingers, the tea shop returns to its original state. Maddie does a real tour of the tea shop and impresses Blondie, proclaiming she doesn't care about any bad reviews as long as her shop is filled with wonder and madness. Contrary to earlier expectations, Blondie agrees and gives a highly positive review about the tea shop for its unique atmosphere. Initially joyous, Maddie's friends notice a particular butterfly approaching an unsuspecting Blondie and rush to help her. Maddie just smilingly shrugs and pours Earl Grey a cup of tea.


  1. Blondie Lockes
  2. Madeline Hatter
  3. Earl Grey
  4. Raven Queen
  5. C.A. Cupid
  6. Cedar Wood
  7. Cerise Hood
  8. Dexter Charming



  • The title is a play on the expression "Once Upon a Time".


  • When Maddie and her friends first find out about Blondie coming to the Haberdashery to review it, one of her gloves are green instead of teal.


  • While a common thing to say in the West, "chai tea" literally is "tea tea", since "chai" means "tea" in Asian languages. It makes little sense to use the words together like this.