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The Once Upon Times, also known as The Ever After High Once Upon Times, is the school newspaper of Ever After High. It was introduced with an update of the Ever After High website on November 26, 2013, which among new content added the Once Upon Times section. As of yet, the section has little content of its own, but is mainly a portal to various other sections and activities on the website.


Dragon Escapes From EAH Stables
Hunter Huntsman and Ashlynn Ella safely returned an escaped dragon to the Ever After High stables this morning. Ashlynn used her magic touch to chat with the wayward beast and convinced him to come home for breakfast, while Hunter guided the dragon safely back to the stables before he awoke local villagers.
What's Cooking in the Castleteria?
Ever After High students can indulge in enchanting treats today at the Royal Student Council Bake Sale in the Castleteria. Apple White told us she's baking her kingdom-renowned apple tarts, while her Royal Student Council Co-President Madeline Hatter said she'll be making a page-turning selection of wonderlicious crumpets. Proceeds will benefit the Enchanted Forest Preservation Fund.

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