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It's morning in the O'Hairs' dorm and the sisters are getting ready to start their first class.
Holly O'Hair: So, yesterday in Princessology, Apple recited the girls' royal headwear lines from birth tiara to coronation crown from memory!
Poppy O'Hair: Holly, that is so fableous!
The bell rings.
Holly O'Hair: Hey, little sis, see you after school at the Tower Hair Salon?
Poppy O'Hair: Uh huh, [Hugs Holly.] love you big sis! Oh, hey, Nanny Nona!
The MirrorPad starts ringing and Poppy answers it.
Nanny Nona: Holly? [Eyes Poppy.]
Poppy O'Hair: No, I'm Poppy! [Takes out lipstick.] The younger twin.
Nanna Nona: Oh, that's right, dear. Em, I've got some, heh.
Poppy O'Hair: What is it? [She puts some on.]
Nanny Nona: You know how your sister is older by three seconds? Well, I made a teeny tiny mistake. Actually, it's you. [Poppy is startled by the news and gets lipstick is on her cheek.]
Poppy O'Hair: [Runs over to the MirrorPad.] I don't wanna be the next Rapunzel! [She wipes the lipstick off her cheek.] I'm trying to find my own destiny. And being the next Rapunzel means everything to Holly. How am I gonna tell her...

Holly O'Hair: And so, then I told Apple: "look, I know your story better than anyone ever after, and it was a Red Delicious apple that"... [Poppy is solemnly brushing Holly's hair.] Something on your mind?
Poppy O'Hair: I, [She drops the hairbrush.] uh... Hey! [Lowers a salon hair dryer.] Check out my new hairdryer!

In the Mad Hatter's tea shop, Holly and Poppy are having tea together.
Holly O'Hair: So then, in Hero Class, Daring scaled the tower just like in his story! [She giggles but notices that Poppy is not feeling well.] Okay, I am totally getting a twin vibe that you are not telling me something. What is it?
Poppy O'Hair: Okay. Well, you know when you know something but you―[She waits on the clocks and they immediately start ringing, interrupting their conversation.] guess we can't talk now!
Holly O'Hair: What?

The O'Hairs are back in their dorm.
Holly O'Hair: Okay, that's it. [She sits Poppy down.] Tell me what's going on.
Poppy O'Hair: Nanny Nona mixed up our birth certificates. And you're the younger twin.
Holly O'Hair: What? But that means...
Poppy O'Hair: I'm supposed to be the next Rapunzel. Not you.
Holly O'Hair: But I liked being the next Rapunzel.
Poppy O'Hair: And I liked being...something else.
Holly O'Hair: Wait, does anyone else know about this?
Poppy O'Hair: No.
Holly O'Hair: [Puts her hand on Poppy's shoulder.] Then what do you say we just keep it as our secret? [Wink.] That way we can both have the destinies we want. [Holds out pinky.]
Poppy O'Hair: I love it! [She hooks her pinky on Holly's.] Thanks. [Hugs Holly.]
Holly O'Hair: I'm just trying to let my hair down. [Giggling.]

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