When Holly and Poppy O'Hair discover they were switched at birth, the fairy different twins decide to continue following the stories they always thought were their destinies.


Holly and Poppy are in their dorm room, getting ready for school. After Holly leaves for class, Poppy gets a call on her MirrorPad from her nanny, Nona. Nona reveals that she had made a great mistake concerning the twins' birth order: it is Poppy who is the older twin and not Holly. Having no desire to follow a legacy and knowing that being the next Rapunzel has been Holly's dream, Poppy worries how she will break the news to her sister.

After school, Poppy is doing Holly’s hair in the Tower Hair Salon. Holly notices that something is on her sister’s mind, but Poppy dodges the question. Later, at the Mad Hatter's Haberdashery and Tea Shoppe, Poppy starts to explain, but is interrupted by noisy cuckoo clocks.

In their dorm, an annoyed Holly demands a straight answer, and Poppy confesses the truth. The twins sadly acknowledge that neither of them wants to trade their lots in life. Holly gets an idea: keep this discovery a secret, and keep the destinies they want. Poppy happily agrees.


  1. Holly O'Hair
  2. Poppy O'Hair
  3. Nona



  • Nanny Nona makes her cartoon debut.