O'Hair Split Ends - Nonna's news

Nona is Holly and Poppy O'Hair's nanny as mentioned in "O'Hair's Split Ends" and "Truth or Hair".



Nona is a clumsy, yet kind person.


Nona is a middle-aged woman with olive skin, quail brown and greying hair, and light crystal blue eyes.


Nona is Holly and Poppy's nanny. Rapunzel trusts her.


Chapter 2


When Nanny Nona realizes she had mixed up the O'Hair twins' birth certificates, she explicitly notifies Poppy that she is meant to be the next Rapunzel. O'Hair's Split Ends


Ever After High (II)

Nona is mentioned to had taken care for and pampered Holly and Poppy when they were little. In another subplot, a year earlier, she is said to have told Holly and Poppy about their birth order as she had accidentally mixed up the twins after their birth. Truth or Hair

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