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Nina Thumbell debuted in the cartoon series in the Chapter 4 TV special "Dragon Games", which premiered on January 29, 2016. She is voiced by Debi Derryberry in the English version of the cartoon.

Chapter 4


Nina looks to show her own version of Ever After High through her view. She shows her friends around the school while being shrunk.Thumb-Believable

TV specials

Dragon Games - students have escaped
Nina is one of the students who joins Jillian Beanstalk's escape from the forsaken school through a giant magical beanstalk and gets shocked when she finds out that Apple White has been poisoned. She attends Apple's funeral and watches the big dragon fight through Blondie Lockes's MirrorCast on Jillian's tablet. She then hugs Farrah Goodfairy and Jillian when the school is restored to its natural order. Dragon Games


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TV special gallery

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