Nathan Nutcracker, sometimes referred to as Nate by his friends,[1] is a 2014-introduced and book-only character. He is the son of the Nutcracker from the fairytale of the same name. It is unknown where he stands in the destiny conflict.



Although he is helpful and slightly soft-spoken, Nathan doesn't take very well to people calling him a puppet.


Nathan is described to be slightly shorter than most of his peers.

Fairy tale

Main article: The Nutcracker



He is the son of the Nutcracker.


Nathan shows empathy towards Cedar Wood. It is possible he is friends with Briar Beauty as well.


In the Castleteria, Nathan takes offense to Apple's remark about Cedar being her favorite puppet. Later he is with Briar preparing for a bungee jumping competition, however his height classifies him too short to compete. The Unfairest of Them All



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