Mister Spider is the spider from the nursery rhyme, "Little Miss Muffet". He serves as Miss Muffet's helper, telling customers about the free web access of the frozen yogurt bar.

Mr. Spider-0



He is a giant white-haired spider who wears two pairs of glasses, a top hat and a shirt that fits his number of legs.


He is a helpful spider, who is mistakenly avoided because of his appearance.

Fairy Tale

Main article: Little Miss Muffet



He and Miss Muffet are friends and work together, inside the Dark Forest.


Using her food-finding expertise, Blondie Lockes proposes on finding a pleasant spot to have a snack. When they come to Miss Muffet's frozen yogurt stand, the girls all get scared away by Mister Spider when he tries to tell them about the bar's free "web access".Baking and Entering

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